The avant-garde style is known as the most experimental of them styles. A person with an avant-garde style takes their body to be the canvas and their clothes to be the medium in which they create art with. Everyday might as well be a fashion show and the grounds they walk be a walkway, because they are adventurous and want the whole world to know it.

They enjoy playing with shapes and proportions and would rather wear black for everyday. However, they don’t shy away from bright colors, such as white or yellow or even metallics.

Avant-garde style type are most likely to own clothing of various shapes and forms, and pieces with a little extra volume. Asymmetric pieces are those items you find in their closet. This style type knows how to implement the signature piece statement well in their style, because making a statement is kind of their thing.

In case you haven’t found your signature piece, that’s okay, you can get a HI Couture magazine on finding your ultimate style here, in which you would learn how to get your signature piece. A signature piece goes a long way and the avant-garde style, definitely knows how to use them.

Here are a few pictures to give you closet inspiration as an avant-garde style type. It doesn’t matter if your wardrobe screams avant-garde already, or you are just getting to learn your style a little bit more, this is definitely inspiration for all. I know sometimes a little bit of inspiration can spike up those creative juices flowing and finding an outfit wouldn’t be a problem no more.

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