The bohemian style type is the more casual, free spirited style type. She mostly sticks to earthy tones, such as browns, camel tones, denim and pieces in burgundy and hunter green. She loves to incorporate prints in her dressing, like animal prints, especially if it comes in the form of a dress or a midi length top. Anything loose and free, with a beautiful print, is a hard yes.

Maxi dresses and willowy oversized blouses are must-haves in her wardrobe, fur items and floppy hats are also her style. She knows how to work a good leather and or suede jacket, she always knows how to implement her fashion. The present bohemian style was inspired by the hippie travelers during the 1950s/19060s. They wore visibly eccentric clothing, taking inspiration from every land they ever stepped in. This style has officially taken over runways and red carpets and has been submerged completely into the fashion industry. The bohemian style is definitely a style to love.

The bohemian style type not only shows her style through the clothing she wears, but also through mystic jewelry with a whimsical mix of rich cultures like Indian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Turkish and parts of South America. If you’ve ever heard of the term boho, you should know, it is short for bohemian fashion.

The bohemian style is one of the most comfort driven and free fashion out there. Anything from maxi dresses, to wide oversized looking tops, to long maxi skirts, to anything leather or fur. A bohemian style type certainly knows how to work it in the most carefree way possible, looking effortlessly cute in the most free spirited outfit. She definitely gives off that vibe the minute she walks into a room.

Here we have some inspiration for the bohemian style type, whether you are a professional or just someone starting to figure out her style to match into the world in, this is definitely something you would find helpful. If you have any interest in finding out your style and get a little bit deeper in discovering your personal style, you can totally download the HI Couture magazine here, which is a guide for just that.

Outfit ideas and inspiration

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