This is just a topic of discussion. We can’t deny the fact that a lot of tall girls go through that struggle of finding the right pants.
It is at a point where wearing pants that don’t go all the way down has now just become a norm. Tall girls have given up that struggle and are just facing the reality that pants are just not going to get all the way down.
Of course it’s a plus knowing that you are not the only one who is going through this in the world, and because there are lots more other people, you can feel okay about it and even make it a trend. It really has become a trend at this point.
Which truthfully brings us to the point, if there are a lot of women who are above the average height, why has no one come up with a solution for this problem? There are thousands of people right now who wear pants that stops inches before their ankles, and it’s not because it looks good, it’s simply because they have no choice.
Let’s keep this short and just appreciate a brand like HI Couture that feels the need to include everyone, no matter your size, height and all those other differences. It is high time we treat women in a way that makes them feel like we are all supposed to come in different sizes, because we are!