The chic style type is someone who always wears monochromatic looks with pieces that have clean sleek lines. She has her very own innate sense of fashion an is never afraid to show it. Despite all the trends that comes and goes, she only sticks to what works for her. She doesn’t just dive into whatever trend comes her way, without making sure it flatters her.

The chic style type often chooses colors in black and white and neutrals.

The only bold colors you would most likely find on her will have to be her signature piece. Now that is where she goes all out with colors. As a chic style type, you can very easily find your signature piece by going through the HI Couture magazine here.

The signature piece is what stands out for the chic style type. She can be wearing a sleek white outfit and the only pop of color you would find would be that signature piece of hers.

As a chic style type, even when she goes shopping and says she wants to buy that jacket in different colors just in case, we all pretty much know those colors are white and black. Those are the two staple colors in the wardrobe of the chic style type. Accessories goes a long way with the chic style type, but in a minimalist way. She wears one strand of necklace draped around her neck or a choker held tightly in place. In terms of accessorizing, I would say  the chic style type is pretty much in the same field as the avant garde style.

She walks exuding so much confidence in knowing that her style is hers.

You need to dicover your very own personal style, it’s not just about the fashion and knowing all the rules, it’s also about finding your style and making your rules. You can totally read more about fashion and style here, where you can discover your very own style an make your rules, or better yet download our magazine which is a step by step guide.

A celebrity with an example of the chic style type is Angelina Jolie, and she wears chic well.

The chic style Outfit inspiration

Here are a few pictures you can totally draw inspiration from when dressing chic. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional at it, or you are just getting into it, a little inspiration always goes a long way.

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