The volatile style type lives for colorful clothing. Mixing and matching colors, patterns and textures comes naturally to her, almost like a 6th sense. Black is not a color you would usually find on her. She’s always there for the bright colors, you name it, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, it’s a wardrobe necessity.

Playful prints and accessories are items you would definitely find in the volatile style type closet. Volatiles love a long flowy skirt or a flowy dress with a beautiful skirt cut. She loves quirky prints such as polka dots, Florals and other fanciful patterns. The volatile style type isn’t someone who shies away from the spotlight, as a matter of fact, she thrives in it and doesn’t mind getting all the attention. I mean everyday is an occasion, so why not dress like it and make the world your runway. She always has a statement jacket to throw over at any time, and her shoe collection is well, very colorful.

The volatile style type is someone who always has fun with fashion, never afraid to try new things. She makes sure that she makes a statement in the world with her outfits. With any new trend or fashion that comes in, she’s not afraid of taking those risks of trying them all and finding her style. As a volatile style type I would say you are pretty confident in your fashion and style that you step out in anything that is pretty, playful and comfortable.

”There’s nothing that beats comfort and confidence when it comes to picking an outfit”

– H.S

We have some inspiration for you the volatile style type. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional in this or, you are just starting to figure out your style, working your way around it, you can definitely get some ideas and inspiration from these pictures.

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