1. Get your actual size

Very often short girls tend to purchase just any size of clothing and get them tailored to fit them perfectly. I mean, why bother right, you still have to take it to the tailor to reduce the legs or the waist, and basically customize it to your body size. However, like I mentioned earlier a lot of brands are more conscious about sizing that you have no reason to settle for a brand who doesn’t cater to your particular size. You can actually type in your exact body measurements in hicouture.store and you have your items delivered just as you have requested, so hicouture.store is definitely a place for you to check out if you are someone struggling with sizing. When it comes to jumpsuits and the technicalities of tailoring, it is definitely important to just let the manufacturers of it deal with that. You don’t want to end up messing up the proportion of the jumpsuit by cutting off extra fabric that could potentially make you look wonky. Every portion of a jumpsuit is to proportion, cutting off excess yourself can displace the waist positioning which will affect the entire cut of the jumpsuit. And also, if you are going to spend all that money to purchase a jumpsuit, you better get your money’s worth and not have to spend some trying to get it to fit your body frame.

2. Solid colors

Solid colors is the way to go, when purchasing a jumpsuit as a short girl. Do not cut off the florals and the patterns just yet, they are super cute too. The solid color jumpsuit elongates your body, giving the illusion that you are taller than you actually are. When purchasing a clothing item as a short girl, you don’t want clothing that would make you look even shorter than you actually are. Sticking to solid colors is a good way to really make your jumpsuit flatter your body. When it comes to solid colors, darker colors give you an even better effect because they make you look slender which in turn elongates your entire body frame. Dark solid colors such as black, navy blue, wine color does create the illusion that your body is snatched and looking right. Yuna definitely knows how to work it!

3. Vertical stripes

Everyone who knows me personally know how much I love stripes. With stripes, one can create whatever illusion they intend on creating when used well. In this case, as a short girl, vertical stripes are your best friends. When purchasing a jumpsuit, getting one with stripes not only makes you look taller, but it also has this elegant vibe to it. The long column of colors give the illusion of height.

4. High waist jumpsuit

I say high waist for better understanding. The rise of your jumpsuit is the point at which the top part of it is connected to the bottom part of it (the legs). The rise of a jumpsuit is key especially for a short girl. How height of the rise is what brings about high waist, it goes past your waist and up to your tummy. As a short girl, this is what you should look for in a jumpsuit. The rise being high make your legs appear even longer than they are and it overall gives you this slender elegant look. Proportions are very important when it comes to perfect fitting of clothing. You don’t want a jumpsuit that the rise falls below the waist which is extremely unflattering.

5. Cinch in your waist

As a short girl, the perfect feature you can have in a jumpsuit that would really compliment your body type is a cinched in waist. Baggy doesn’t always look cute, especially if it’s a jumpsuit. Considering a jumpsuit is one piece of clothing that covers you up from head to toe, you don’t want it to be oversized, as a short girl the clothing will swallow you up and will just not look nice. You don’t want to disappear in a once piece, so getting a jumpsuit that holds in and fits your waist is the way to go. The jumpsuit does not have to be all fitted, showing of your body shape, just a little cinched waist is all you need.

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