This post talks about how one can hide a big stomach with the type of clothes one wears.

We all want to have a flat tummy, and sometimes we actually stick to that diet and workout routine long enough to achieve it. But there are some days where your tummy is just looking bigger and you just don’t want it to stick out in your clothes.

As a result you might think nothing looks good on you simply because your muffin top is bulging out of every outfit and shopping or deciding what to wear becomes more hectic than it should be.

There are certain clothes that can make your stomach look bigger than it actually is, and you don’t want that, especially if you are trying it make it look smaller. You don’t want to achieve the opposite result.

Here are some clothing tips you can apply to help hide your stomach

1. Ruffle tops

Tops with ruffles are not only cute, but all of that extra fabric can literally cover up your stomach and anything sticking out. It has a lot of characteristics that conceals your body, when wearing a top with ruffles, your body shape is not evident, therefore, making this a perfect option for hiding your tummy.

2. Peplum tops

Peplum tops are very chic and awesome for hiding a big tummy. They cinch at the narrow part of your upper waist and open up as they train down to the tummy. Peplum tops give a fitting that accentuates your body curves and still covers up your tummy. The fact that it gets wider around the tummy makes it very easy to conceal a bulging stomach. Get yourself some cute peplum tops here.

3. Vertical stripes

Now we all know stripes looks good on everyone. There are actually several ways you can play with stripes to get the desired effect in appearance. In this case, vertical stripes should be your go to. Vertical stripes make you look taller and slimmer, which automatically eliminates your big tummy. Especially dresses with vertical stripes, you can hardly point out a big stomach sticking in it.

4. Dark colors

Dark colors, just like the previous point is amazing at making you appear slimmer. Dark colors just always have that effect on the body, and even better if that color is black. A perfect dark color outfit that can completely hide a big tummy is a flowy black dress. It is super cute and classy and it’s almost impossible to have your stomach stick out in that.

5. Over sized tops

Oversized tops are literally so pretty and comfortable. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they need to wear something really tight so it can hold their stomachs in, but no, that’s literally the worst thing ever. Wearing something tight just exaggerates your stomach and makes your stomach the centre of attention the minute one sets eyes on you, you don’t want that. You can wear something tight on the inside, but on the outside, the topmost layer, something baggy is the way to go. It’s not going to make you look bigger, you just need to go a size or two sizes bigger than your actual size. That way you still look chic and fashionable.

6. High waist pants

High waist pants have this slimming effect around the waist. Whether you choose to wear a flowy top over it or tucked in shirt, it works well when it comes to hiding your tummy. It really holds in your stomach and gives you an incredible fit. High waist pants elongates your legs making you look overall slimmer and taller. You can get yourself some high waist wide leg pants here.

7. Layering

Layering is another technique that magically hides it all away, shifting the focus anywhere but your tummy. You can definitely layer by simply throwing on a blazer/jacket/ kimono over your already planned outfit. You can get you some trendy and cute kimonos here. Layering also gives that vertical effect that makes you look taller and slimmer, making your big tummy to vanish.

8. Belt higher

Belts are really good accessories that can really tie up a look when added to an outfit. However, when it comes to wearing belts over your outfits, it is best to place it higher, rather than on your tummy. If you think putting the belt right on your tummy is going to push your tummy in and mach it look smaller, you are wrong. What it does is, it brings all this attention to your stomach and even make you appear like you have a bigger stomach than you already do.

Have fun trying out all these and let me know in the comment section what you think of these tips. I would be happy if you suggested some topics yo would like to learn about as well.

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