Off shoulder tops is a clothing that has become such a trendy item to own. And while it is cute and all, for girls that dress modestly, it can be a challenge putting together an outfit with it. It is essential to still remain cute while staying covered. I have gathered a few tips that I believe will help you, when next you try to put together an outfit with an off shoulder top.

”does this mean, I can finally buy that really cute off the shoulder top I saw, and style it either one of these ways?”

”yes you can sis! Don’t take it out your cart just yet!”

First and foremost, it is already amazing that most off shoulder tops are quite baggy, which is a huge plus when it comes to staying modest.

1. My first tip is to wear the off shoulder top with a regular long sleeved body hug. ”lord knows every hijabi owns that in several colors”. So you see, you don’t have to actually leave your closet for this one. A body hug top goes so well with an off shoulder top, and it’s perfect especially if the off shoulder top doesn’t have sleeves, we all know most of them don’t.

2. The second tip is to opt for a body hug, long sleeve turtle neck, to wear underneath your off shoulder top. Okay, hear me out here… I know that turtle necks usually make you look like your neck is missing, almost as if your head was directly attached to your shoulders lol I know that feeling. However, there is something about wearing it under another garment and only letting the top part of your neck and shoulders show, that makes one look elegant. Because the fabric cuts off the full length of the turtle neck, it actually elongates your neck and makes it look slimmer.

3. Third tip is to wear a collar shirt underneath your off shoulder top. This brings a whole nother spice to the outfit. Wearing a collar shirt under your off shoulder top is a fashion statement in its self. A lot of people do it simply for the fashion, you get to kill two birds with one stone, which is awesome.

Some that are not familiar with this look can be like, ”well Hauwa, that’s a lot of fabric for me to wear”…. And to that I say, it’s really not. Most collar shirts are very light weight, hence you barely feel it when you dress up like that. It lets you get covered up without being or looking too bulky.

4. Forth tip, when in doubt, always go for a white inner garment. Obviously with layering, you can wear any color on the inside of your outfit and it will look fashionable. However if you are in a hurry, or just can’t see to piece your outfit together, because it’s just one of those days, then go for a white inner top. You can never actually go wrong with white, it is a neutral color that goes with every other color and every pattern there is. White is the ultimate go to color.

5. My last, but not the least tip, ”uhh, I’m about to break some hearts”….

Stay away from body hug off shoulder tops. I’m sorry, there’s just no way you can make this work. Unless if you plan to wear it as it is, in which case, ”do you boo”.

But for those who are looking for a way to layer and stay covered and fashionable, don’t go for body hug off shoulder top. There is no decent way to cover up the shoulders and still look cute. The best way you can wear this is to throw over a kimono or a shirt over, but then when you do that, you still have to deal with your chest, and probably cleavage exposed, considering all off shoulder tops literally start at your boobs.

Best advice, stay away, we want to look fashionable not tacky. With that being said, here are some images to spike up that fashion inspiration. Get ideas from the images and have fun with the combinations.

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