As a hijabi, achieving that cute yet modest look can be a challenge, but then being a big girl and a hijabi, that’s a whole nother level. We all know if you are a little thicker, a little curvier, almost everything just looks more sexier on you. And that’s just facts, it’s hard to keep it modest when all you wear just accentuates your booty and your curves.

The first thing you need to establish of course is your body type, and if you are reading this right now is because you know you are a plus size short girl. This blog post gives you tips to incorporate in your fashion as a plus size short girl.

1. Go big, but not too big. As a plus size girl I’m pretty sure your first instinct is to wear everything shapeless and boxy just to achieve that modest look, and while you are kinda right, you are also kinda wrong. Lol let me explain; when choosing to wear for instance a boxy top, what you are unknowingly doing is making yourself appear bigger than you are and for a short girl, that just makes you look a lot shorter than you are, in conclusion, it is not a very flattering look.

So what you should opt for should be clothing that are just your size. If you go too small, it never looks right, because everything will be so tight and look like you are unable to breathe properly, and most importantly, you are uncomfortable, because you feel like your clothes are trying to cut off your blood circulation.

So incase you endured the discomfort in the hopes that you would at least look good, you need to cut that out right now, because it doesn’t even look flattering. When purchasing a body hug item, like a top or dress, I would suggest going one size bigger, just so everything sits well against your curvy body, other than that, try to stick to your actual body size girl, that looks best. Here is an example of the perfect body hug top to fit your just right and a loose top that is not too big but just the right size.

2. Layering

I literally cannot stress this enough, layering is key OMG. If you are a short girl, I would advice you to add a little bit of layers to your outfits to give you that elongated look, because when you layer, everything drapes from the top down, giving that illusion of elongation, which in simpler words just makes you look taller. And if you are a plus size girl, I would say ‘add a little layer to your outfit’ because when you do that it creates again vertical lines, which gives the illusion that you are slimmer than you actually are.

When you layer, for instance throw on a cute kimono or a pretty scarf, it usually drapes from your shoulders all the way to anywhere from your mid-section down to your feet, and that gives off a slenderer appearance. The good thing about layering as well is that you can wear anything type of clothing that looks amazing even if it shows your curves a little, all you have to do is throw on something extra big to keep it covered and stylish.

When you are layering, you are literally putting on more fabrics to add on more coverage. A tip I would give for plus size girls for layering is your very first layer does not have to be baggy and boxy.

In fact you look a lot cuter when your top hugs you and fits your body just the right way. I understand the struggle of being curvy and so if you wear something just your size, it just looks a little too sexy, and that’s when layering comes in to save you. Throwing on a kimono or a shirt, or a jacket over your outfit will cover up that booty girl and your curves in general, that way you still stay modest and look cute at the same time.

3. Stripes

I’m pretty sure you’ve had enough of me talking about stripes.

Girl, I could never stop talking about stripes because the whole art of being able to create whatever illusion with stripes is just amazing, If you want to look taller, use stripes, if you want to look shorter, use stripes, if you want to look slimmer, use stripes, it literally has so much power, and you my friend are going to use it to your advantage.

As I mentioned in the previous point about verticals creating favorable illusions for a short plus size girl, I’m pretty sure your mind was already screaming verticals, the minute I said stripes. Lol you are right, vertical stripes girl. Those stripes could be huge stripes or the tiny ones, it really doesn’t matter. It creates the same impact all the same. Here are some pictures to give you a little outfit inspiration. The second picture can have a jacket added to it to be more modest or styled with a long sleeve top, the pictures are just to give you an idea and show the effects of stripes and how it looks good on curvy girls.

4. Mind the colors

Now we all know our color choices play a huge role in our outfits. Darker colors are naturally more likely to make one appear slimmer. When you choose to wear these colors, it is absolutely okay to add in other colors as accessories, it could be your shoe, your scarf or even a jacket to really make your outfit fabulous, because the other colors are dark, the accessory you add stands out, and makes the whole outfit pop and you look so fashionable.

When it comes to colors as well, the colors being connected from your head to toe plays a huge role. Let me explain, remember how we talked about verticals and stripes in the previous tips, it’s a bit like that. When you stick to a solid color from the head to toe without having any color break, for example a black long dress, it creates that vertical visual of you which makes you look a lot slender. So if you are wearing a skirt and a top, try to stick to the same colors in order to create that vertical same color look. You can also choose to throw on a blazer or a kimono, depending on the type of look you are going for.

5. Get you some high waist boo!

High waist should be your best go to, because it does everything it is supposed to do for your body. High waist pants or skirts gives you that amazing figure without showing off too much. Usually when you wear some high waist pants, or skirts, it holds you in and cinches your waist just at the right place, giving you that needed fitting, because the aim here is not to make yourself look horrendous, a little bit of flattering fit is always welcomed.

Having your bottom garment start at high waist elongates your legs to make you appear taller than you actually are and it also makes you look slimmer because of the way it cinches your waist just at the right place, With the way high waist is designed, as long as it is flared and flowy it will always cover up your butt. It is not hugging up around your curves and making your butt stick out, like other types of clothing would. It gives just enough room when it starts flaring up from high waist, the rest of your body from the waist is very much covered and body form will not be visible. Here are some pictures, just to give you a better understanding. the second picture is a dress, but the same concept applies, it cinches just at high waist giving the same effect, you can find this even in jumpsuits.

6. Wide leg pants

Just like I touched on in the previous point, wide leg pants are just amazing when it comes to covering up your behind underneath your garment. It is the best pant option you can get to not show your body shape because of the way it is designed. Pants are amazing in general because it lets you move swiftly through the crowd, on your way to work, on the streets on your way to school, it just provides you that comfort and sense of security, knowing you can walk however you want without being conscious of tripping or sitting the right way and its just freeing. So to have an option of pants that is completely loose and doesn’t hug up on all your curves is just a match made in heaven.

Wide leg pants goes with a lot of clothing options, you can layer with it, you can wear a collar shirt with it, and depending on just how much it holds your body you can choose to tuck the shirt in or leave it out. You can even choose to wear knee length tops with it, just make sure that if you are wearing a loose knee length top over your wide leg pants, the pants need to be plain. Knee length is a lot of fabric as it is, you don’t want to have too much going on. And as a short girl, I would suggest having your top stop above the knee, like in these pictures, It still keeps you covered, It just looks better. You can get you some wide leg pants here.

Let me know which was your favourite look in the comment section.

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Hauwa Sami is a modest fashion enthusiast, who advocates for muslim women’s fashion. Her love for fashion is what prompted her to start her own modest fashion clothing line. She’s all about helping muslim girls find the beauty in covering up, which is why she designed an entire magazine called; ‘The muslimahs style guide’ which you can download for free here

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