We’ve all been there. Find that really really cute top that we want to have, but then you discover it has no sleeves, or that really cute dress which would be perfect for the dinner event coming up but then it’s like the sleeves are missing…well they are missing lol and for others its not a big deal and for us hijabis we are just like ”omg, where is the rest of this outfit”

This is where you now have to improvise, because let’s be real, you are still going to get that outfit even if you have no idea how you are going to wear it yet…

The good thing is, there are several ways you could style it to actually make your outfit look stylish, perhaps even way more stylish than it is right now. Whether you have a sleeveless top, or a sleeveless dress, or a sleeveless jumpsuit, i’ve got you! Here are some pictures illustrating how you could style your sleeveless outfits as a hijabi;

1. A plain white top has always been one of the easiest ways to style sleeveless outfits as a hijabi. Especially if the outfit has a lot going on, either in terms of the prints on it or just the details of the style. Wear a top inside your outfit, that way the sleeves of your inner top serves as the sleeves for your entire outfit. In this case try to stick to a simple long sleeved top, probably a body hug top.

*SN; just because its a body hug, doesn’t mean it has to be tight on you, you can always go a size bigger.

2. The next tip is to go in with a white shirt. Depending on how plain your main outfit is, you can wear a shirt with extra fancy sleeve details so it can add a little character to your outfit, that way the role of your inner garment is not just to add coverage, but it also becomes an element of style which really brings the outfit together.

3. You can also wear other colors other than white, white is just an easy put together outfit. When trying other colors, it is best to stick to a top that doesn’t have patterns on it. It can have a little style detail on the sleeves, but try to stay away from prints for your inner top. That way it’s a lot easier to incorporate and mix colors.

4. I know i said stay away from prints, but stripes are so cute that it goes with everything. Also stripes aren’t considered prints, but that is debatable. Anyways it goes really well with your sleeveless outfit especially if the fabric of your outfit doesn’t have any pattern, that way you don’t have to stress about figuring out how to mix the right prints, which by the way is an option. If you love mixing prints then go right ahead, there’s even an entire chapter about prints and how to mix them in the muslimah style guide magazine, which is free and you can download your today here.

5. Other than putting a top underneath your outfit, you can always throw on a jacket over your sleeveless outfit, that way no one will even know it’s sleeveless and if it is a warmer weather, you can just wear a kimono over the outfit or a shirt, that way it is completely light weight and will help put your outfit together, by making it more modest, stylish and no one will even know you are compensating for lack of sleeves, you can get some kimonos here.

Let me know which was your favourite look in the comment section.

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About author:

Hauwa Sami is a modest fashion enthusiast, who advocates for muslim women’s fashion. Her love for fashion is what prompted her to start her own modest fashion clothing line. She’s all about helping muslim girls find the beauty in covering up, which is why she designed an entire magazine called; ‘The Muslimahs style guide’ which you can download for free here

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