Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, people remember us. Sure, this doesn’t work in your favor when you’re running late, trying to slip into class without the lecturer noticing, but in an interview, this works for you.

You will be unique, whatever you say will be remembered by the interviewer so research about the company before you go in for the interview.

Practice, practice, practice and then wear something cute and go kill it!

With that being said, no pressure. You've made it this far, I know you are going to nail it. You can find different easy turban styles you can rock for work here.

what can I wear to a job interview as a Muslim woman

The advantage of the business world when it comes to dressing up is that you know whatever you are going to wear needs to be formal. So that's one step out of the way, now amongst the formal wear you could possibly rock for an interview that is Muslim girl friendly are;

Alright before we go far, I'll just go with this as the very first tip,


1. Do not wear heels to a job interview

I know that feeling, when you are excited about getting called back for a job interview and you feel all this pressure to make a good impression and of course we cannot deny that your appearance can affect that impression positively or negatively.


However wearing heels would be a risky move when going for a job interview. The reason being, it's your first day, you don't know exactly what your day is going to entail. You don't want to end up struggling to hold yourself up, because you have been walking or standing for way longer than you anticipated.


Unless if you are someone who is extremely comfortable wearing heels and can probably walk in them the whole day, no questions asked. Then in that case you do you boo, but if that's not you, I'd save the heels for when I actually start working. Speaking of work, here are some amazing hijab styles you can wear to work.

2. Wear a suit to your job interview

When going for a job interview, it is usually not an environment you are familiar with, you don't really know exactly what people that work there usually wear. To be honest, even if you did know, you are trying to make a good impression and there is nothing wrong with going all the way formal.


Suits are usually very modest, you don't need to waste time trying to figure out how to get covered before the meeting. Suits are very sleek and classy and very easy to incorporate with the hijab. Work places usually advocate for modest conservative dressing which is a plus for a Muslim woman. Your suit can be with trousers or skirts, whatever you are more comfortable with.

3. Wear a solid color hijab for the interview

We all know how pretty those floral print hijabs are, but for a formal environment you want to go with a solid color. Solid colors are very easy to incorporate with formal wears. The fact that it is just a one color scarf makes you look more serious.


Pattern scarfs can very easily make you look far too casual than you actually want to. You want to show that your hijab can also look formal. It's your first day, leave them with that ''okay, she's professional'' feeling. Here are some hijab styles you can wear for work.

4. Pin your hijab or do a turban for the job interview

Alongside sticking to solid colors for your hijab, also make sure you pin it up to your under cap. If you are someone who is used to just throwing your scarf over your head, you need to pin it in place for an interview or do a turban if you are into that. Whatever you do, just make sure your hijab is not moving carelessly from one place to the other.


You want to make sure it is in place as the professional you are trying to come off as. You can't be in the middle of answering a serious question with your arm over your head because you can feel your scarf slipping behind your head. Going for interviews are nerve wrecking as they are already, you don't want an extra thing to worry about.


You need to focus on what you practiced and make sure you kill it. Not to mention, when you have your scarf just thrown, it looks super casual and when it's moving all over the place, you just look careless and unserious. Here are some turban styles you will like.

5. wear neutral colors to the interview

When going to a formal environment, it is best if you stick to neutral colors, weather it comes to your scarf or the entire outfit. Bold colors are way too dramatic for work place and especially going for an interview, you don't want to give off such vibes. Here are some outfits for work which you can totally rock for your interview.


You want to look formal it's your first day after all, whenever you get a call back for an interview it means you have checked all boxes, except one, which can only be checked after they meet you. They need to know how you interact and handle being a work place. You want to look as knowledgeable as possible. And when you look the part, you check one box.

I really wish you all the best at your interview . May it go smoothly in sha Allah.

You can also go on further to go through outfits you wear to work as a Muslim woman. It's a detailed explanation of how to cover up and look like a boss lady at work.

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