This is a very easy to follow, purple and bronze, cut crease eyeshadow look on dark skin.

If you are that girl who struggles with doing the cut crease eyeshadow look, I promise you it’s not as difficult as it seems. All you have to do is watch a cut crease video and pay attention to the techniques use to cut crease. Do not be deceived by how fast it seems on youtube videos, people speed up their  videos so it’s not too long. Take your time babe, do it as you see it being done, and don’t give up. It definitely takes one two wrong cut creases to finally nail it.

But honey if i have mad hooded eyes and I still achieve a proper cut crease, you literally have no excuse. Just keep to it and i’ll be so happy to see your recreated look, tag me on the gram @shnapptan


– eyeshadow primer – – L.A Girl pro concealer (fawn)

– Eyeshadow- – Morphe 39A

– Eyeshadow – – Juvia’s place (The magic)

– Mascara – – Loreal (volume million lashes)

– Highlighter – – The balm (theBalm Mary Lou Manizer)

– Setting spray – – NYX

– Lip stick – – NYX (Dubai)

– lip stick – – NYX (Zurich)

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