Yves Rocher (7 April 1930 – 26 December 2009) was a French businessman and founder of the cosmetics company that bears his name. He was a pioneer of the modern use of natural ingredients in cosmetics. The YVES ROCHER Pure System Stop Acne Lotion is one of his many products and this product promises to;

  • Have 4 high performance actions in one step.
  • Reduce pimples and blackheads.
  • Refine skin texture.
  • Mattifies for 8 hours, thanks to its formula, enriched with regulating Scutellaria.
  • Fades the marks that blemishes leave behind.
YVES ROCHER Pure System Stop Acne Lotion REVIEW

How to use:

After cleansing and exfoliating, apply, morning and evening, gently massaging into face. Best result seen if used in conjunction to the other YVES ROCHER Pure System products. (face scrub).

My review: Does it do all that it promises?

Okay I just want to start out by saying this moisturizer has been amazing to me. I have not been one to get acne on my face or anywhere really, which was why it was so frustrating when my hormonal pimple that started popping up as one, decided it was okay to invite a couple more friends to the party.


Three months down the line, I realized I was getting way more pimples that I was used to and even though they would only last through my period and be gone, It was a lot and it left me with some bad acne scarring. Now if you’ve had acne scarring, then you would know just how difficult it is to get rid of them. Considering I have never had this problem before in the past, it was quite challenging for me and if I’m being honest affected my self-esteem. It became the only thing people saw on me, anyone I bumped into on the streets or even on video chat, the first thing they would notice are my spots.

YVES ROCHER Pure System Stop Acne Lotion REVIEW

I don’t completely blame them, because it was the only thing different on me. Everyone remembers me as the girl who had the perfect skin and then all of a sudden, they are looking at something completely different from what they remember. Honestly, it was the only thing I saw myself when I looked into the mirror.


So I ventured into trying to figure out how to deal with my skin and get a skincare routine, which was something I never had before. I found the YVES ROCHER Pure System. A friend of mine who I knew used to have acne and didn’t anymore suggested this product to me, and told me, it was her holy grail. I asked around and I heard really good things about this product. Then of course I came to the internet to read other people reviews on it, which all seemed amazing.


At the time I got this product, I had 2 pimples that had started popping up on my forehead and I kid you not, I used this product for 2 days and it was gone. It was the most amazing feeling, thinking I have finally found a solution to all my problems. I continued using this product and I have been using it for over 6 months now and I would like to say it has helped me tremendously with my hormonal acne.


It is a light moisturizer, nothing too heavy or greasy, controls oil, because I have really oily skin, it helps with that. In as much as, I don’t get pimples anymore which is a really good thing. I was left with scarring from my previous episodes of scarring. I was of course happy that at least the acne was not happening anymore, but I was still determined to find a way to get rid of my scarring. This is a journey I am still going through, but you can read about what has been helping me with acne scar hyperpigmentation here. Literally saving my life.

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