Yves Rocher (7 April 1930 – 26 December 2009) was a French businessman and founder of the cosmetics company that bears his name. He was a pioneer of the modern use of natural ingredients in cosmetics. The YVES ROCHER Pure System Clarifying Toner is one of his many products and this product promises to;

  • Refine and mattify.
  • The clarifying toner for acne-prone skin, to tighten pores.
  • Unclogs pores to purify skin.
  • Refines and mattifies skin texture.
  • Reduces the appearance of redness with its clarifying action

How to use:

Wash your face and then apply morning and night with a cotton pad over entire face.

Then use the Clarifying Toner.


My review: Does it do all that it promises?

This product was so amazing to my life. It was like I product I never knew I needed, until I actually used it. I literally was never into skin care, so the effect this product had on my skin was mind blowing to me. I didn’t think my skin had the abilities to look that flawless, it I may, in terms of texture and all. I am speaking of this product in past tense because, I sadly had to stop using it for a reason I will explain.

I got the YVES ROCHER Pure System Clarifying Toner when my skin was acting up and was helplessly looking for a solution to my acne problems. I got the complete YVES ROCHER Pure System product set. I would never have voluntarily gone out to buy myself a toner simply because, like I mentioned, I wasn’t into skincare, didn’t know much about it. Had no idea what the benefits of using a toner was, In fact I didn’t even know what to expect with this product. All I knew was, I was having acne and it was leaving me scars, and I needed everything gone. It was after using the YVES ROCHER Pure System products for three months, that I finally figured out what each individual product did to my skin.

The YVES ROCHER Pure System Clarifying Toner left me skin looking airbrushed, I think this is the best way to describe it. I was a walking version of my photoshoot edit pictures, no blemish, smooth skin. So yes, it does everything it promises to do, it reduced my pores and made my skin look so good. My face was looking like a baby’s bum. However, yes after these praises, I still did encounter a problem. See, I’m a dark-skinned girl, like when I say dark skinned, I’m like really dark skinned. This product was making me lighter. It was ruining all my melanin popping vibe I had going on.

The first month I started using it, I noticed my skin got a little brighter, but I just figured, that’s what a toner is supposed to do, regain your true complexion. LOL yes, that’s what all my research showed. But after using it for another 2 months, I realized that it was in fact bleaching my skin and it became very evident that my face was getting lighter. I was not about to be looking like pancake face as I walked on the streets, so I stopped using it. In addition to that, it wasn’t even lightening my face equally. I recommended this product to my other dark-skinned friend at the beginning of my journey and she had the same effect, so we both stopped using it. Unless your aim is to bleach your skin, I really wouldn’t recommend this product. I am still in search of a product that does all that YVES ROCHER Pure System Clarifying Toner does without the lightening part. That product will be my holy grail, but for now, I think I will make do with my large pores, thank you 😊

Bleaching is a complete no no for me, that’s why I didn’t even bother using this product even if it was once a week. We had a good run, it was fun while it lasted, but we are done…

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