A trip to the Great Wolf Lodge resort, up at the Poconos mountain. It was a great experience I tell you. Click here to check out the resort!

We drove from DC which was like 3 – 4 hours drive, but it was a fun road trip for us. Actually, let me take this a few steps back. We as a family travelled to the United States for a vacation. We do not reside there, it was merely a trip to clear our heads and get ourselves out of our usual routine. Yuuup, it was really worth it. Just typing this right now, I’m having a nostalgic feeling.

We got to Great Wolf Lodge resort at Poconos towards the evening. The staff were so welcoming and friendly. We made our payments online before getting there so, we just walked up to the reception to get our room keys which were actually wristbands that you wear permanently while you are there.

Don’t worry, they’re water proof and can survive literally anything. You literally cannot take it off, its impossible and if you do cut them off with a pair of scissors, which you can, thy cease to work. However, in any case you decide to just take it off for ny reason, you can always go back and get a new one.

Great Wolf Lodge has a lot of fun activities to do including a huge indoor waterslide park that I believe pretty much everyone spends their day in. So it does make sense that your room key be strapped around your wrist permanently. It helps with not losing it and it is also the water park access bracelet.

Alongside the water slides, they have an arcade, a bowling alley, mini golf course, a zipline, a gift shop, a few restaurants and many more other things you can spend hours on and not realize the day has gone by.

We visited for three days, which I believe was just the perfect time for us, considering we aren’t all really kids. It was only a matter of time before we got tired of their activities, even though for real, we didn’t. The youngest of us was my little brother, who had just turned 14. Well, he had the best time of his life!

We payed for the buffet package for two days and bought food from the restaurant the last day. The buffet really does offer a lot and my personal favorite was the breakfast buffet. It really might just be because I love breakfast in general, like I’m speaking, I can have breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner and feel good about myself.

The second day we went to another resort which was about 15 minutes away from Great Wolf Lodge resort, called the camel back mountain riding resort. They had so many activities to offer as well. However, the two activities we did were ziplining and mountain coaster. That was really fun too!

On our way back we stopped at some outlets. Honestly, we are a family of shoppers and I’m not even going to try denying it. We spent our entire evening at the mall, with over 100 outlets. Of course, we didn’t get to go into every store, but we did have a great time shopping.

We went back to the resort, ordered milk and cookies simply because I wanted to see them come in a costume. Of course, I sent my little brother to get the door when they arrived. I’m too grown for this, so I just let them think it was him 😊

You pay for pretty much anything else you want extra, the only thing that comes with the room is the waterpark access. Which is pretty fair If you ask me, you could literally spend the whole day there and not even notice it. Click here to check out the resort!

The entire experience was amazing and it was time for us to hit the road again for another 2 hours drive to New York. And that will be what my next post will be about. Stay tuned.....


You can watch a video of the entire experience below.

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