This flormar foundation is beautiful. I’m just a little bummed that when I did purchase this product which was over a year ago, they did not have my shade. They didn’t have a lot of shade ranged. If you notice, I’m speaking in past tense because now they have more shades, but they still don’t have my shade. There are 10 shades of foundation available in their store. I currently just mix in the darkest shade that they have which is SF33 and the next darkest shade SF27. The darkest shade is too dark and they next darkest is too light for me. It’s quite crazy that a lot of brands don’t have really dark foundations in their product range and Flormar has like the darkest of the darkest. It couldn’t get any darker than that and I love that about this product, considering it’s so good. What they need to do is create some more in between shades.

flormar foundation review

I totally get it’s a Turkish brand and to be honest, they are all white. There’s not a lot of black people on this end, so it does make sense to cater to the masses. I also love that they are acknowledging the black people that would love to use their products and are trying to create more shades. I hope they produce more shades in the future, because I still can’t find my matching shade.


About the Flormar fusion powder foundation and what it promises:

With its soft texture, Fusion Powder Foundation Serum provides smooth, refreshed skin look instantly by moisturizing the skin. Enriched with herbal ingredients, Flormar foundation formula protects your skin’s cell structure and flexibility. In addition, it protects your skin against the harmful UV rays with the SPF 20 in its formula.


My review of this product:

This product offers full coverage. It has spf in it so your skin is protected, however I still device applying your regular sunscreen. There’s nothing wrong with extra protection. It’s better to be safe than sorry. This foundation has an amazing finish and I’m sorry, I’m in love with this foundation. It gives you that matte powder finish without actually feeling or looking dry or ashy. It gives you that powder before foundation look, and I am here for it. I have really oily skin and this foundation hold on well. I have used MAC, Note, Fenty, Maybelline, so when I say I loooove this product. My mind is kinda comparing it to those products.

Flormar foundation

Its top for me amongst my foundations at the moment. MAC used to be my die-hard holy grail till I found this foundation. If you have used any of the products I mentioned, you know they are good too, but this one just takes the lead. We just need more shades dammit!

Check out the various shades of the foundation here.

Let me know if you’ve tried this product and did you like it?