I’ve got to be honest; I was so skeptical about trying this product, simply because I’m black and it’s a Turkish brand and as far as I’m concerned, they all white. So, I really just took a leap.


The last toner I had which was the yves rocher pore minimizing toner did not do me well, and you all know about that story by now. If you do not, I suggest you read that blog post right here. But anyways after that experience, I ventured into the world again trying to find myself a new toner.

While I was out there doing my research and reading product reviews, it literally just hit me, why go searching outside for a solution, when you haven’t tried the products that are around you. See I live on a small Turkish Island and the products I have access to are quite limited, unless I travel. Which to be honest I do quite often, but why go through the stress of having to keep traveling for a product, when I could just try the what I have.


Flormar is a Turkish owned brand, and they have an outlet right here in north Cyprus, where I stay. The minute I had that epiphany, I got up, walked out the door and went to the outlet. It was literally a 5-minute walk. I asked them for a toner and they recommended the flormar cleansing tonic with matcha tea.

I remember thinking, what the h*ll is matcha tea. But then, I was just like, I guess we’ll find out and boy. Before we get into my thoughts and how this product has been on my skin, let me tell you about this product and how to use this product.

About Flormar anti-blemish cleansing tonic with Matcha tea:

Matcha tea, which is known for its significant benefits and for being the best antioxidant, has been used in skin care for hundreds of years. Flormar has revived this ancient beauty secret for your skin with CLEANSING TONIC ANTI-BLEMISH. Matcha naturally contains antioxidants that prevent the skin from factors which may harm the skin and lead to early aging. Moreover, it also contains properties which allow you to relieve acne and blemishes and also make tired skin smooth.

Thanks to the matcha extract in its formula, CLEANSING TONIC ANTI-BLEMISH helps protect the skin and remove toxins. It also helps to reduce the appearance of pores by deeply cleansing and tightening them. Its special formula designed for oily and acne-prone skin removes excess sebum from the skin.

While doing so, it does not harm the natural oil balance of the skin. It cleanses your face without drying it out, cleanses deeply, and rejuvenates. It also stimulates your sensations with the refreshing fragrance of matcha tea extract. It leaves your skin with a natural shine and radiance.

What Flormar anti-blemish cleansing tonic with Matcha tea promises to do:

Suitable for skin prone to breakouts and oiliness. Anti-blemish cleansing toner is enriched with a blend of matcha tea water, witch hazel water and salicylic acid which helps unclog pores and remove excess sebum without stripping your skin’s natural oils.

Gives an anti-blemish effect.

Reduces pores.

Cleanses skin and pores.

Increases shine and radiance.

flormar toner review

How to use Flormar anti-blemish cleansing tonic with Matcha tea:

Use an appropriate cotton pad.

Squirt a pinch of the cleansing tonic onto the cotton pad

And wipe over the face and neck.

(Avoid direct contact with the eye area. Keep away from heat and direct sunlight. After use close the cap properly)


My own review of Flormar cleansing tonic with Matcha tea:

Yes, I literally could not wait to write this review. Let’s, get into it; the Flormar anti-blemish cleansing tonic with Matcha tea promises to do a lot, like reduce pores, cleanse, increase radiance and all that good stuff you’ve read already. This product has not proven to reduce pores for me and I have been using it for over two months. However, that glow, that radiance, I don’t know what it is about this product, but honey best believe you are going to have that natural skin glow when using it.


It keeps your skin hydrated, which it actually doesn’t mention. But I know I have seen a huge difference in that regards since I started using this product. My skin feels and looks hydrated every time I use it before going in with moisturizer. It does cleanses really well, so just in case you missed a spot when washing, it will help finish the job. Which I thought was amazing because you don’t find that with most toners. I can’t say much about the anti-blemish effect tho.

I don’t exactly have acne, but I do have acne scars and it has not helped with that. I do have an oily skin though and when I say it somehow balances out to give me the right amount of natural glow, it really does. My skin does not just secrete oils like it used to and at the same time, my skin isn’t drying. I have used a couple products in the past to help conquer my oily skin and it has just left me with really dry skin, and that I cannot have.


I cannot have a brand-new problem while trying to fix an old problem, nahhhhh. I throw those products out. I have had the Flormar anti-blemish cleansing tonic with Matcha tea for over two months now and I have gone through half the bottle. This is because, I have been loving it. I use it twice a day after washing and cleansing my face, right before application of any serum, moisturizer or sunscreen. I was using a whole lot of product to be very honest; I should not have gone halfway by now. Another thing I love about this product is how inexpensive it is.

Like I can actually afford to replace it anytime I run out. And just another random information, I travelled with this product in my suitcase without putting it in a plastic bag or anything and it did not spill. I loved that. I thought it would be a helpful tip to share. I will definitely be going back to get more of their skincare products and trying them all out. They all seemed so good. Will be coming back with that feedback. Check out their website here.

Let me know, have you heard of this brand before? And have you tried out any of their products?

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