This was literally my first impression of the anastasia beverly hills eyeshadow palette collaboration with jackie aina. Because I got this palette a little later than most, I decided to just skip the review in the video and record a galaxy makeup look with it. Which i’m ngl was sooo much fun. So definitely watch that here

Jackie Aina ABH palette review

This eyeshadow palette costs $45, which means I put a lot of thought into buying it…lol…

Now having used it, I just want to say ‘it was totally worth it’. I remember walking into sephora on two occasions and i’ll end up buying anything else but it. I was both excited and skeptical when I saw it the first time. The thought of dropping $45 for an eyeshadow palette that gave me the same colors I could get from my other eyeshadow palettes, granted the packaging is hella pretty, but still, it cost $45.

The second time I went to sephora was when I actually purchased it, which was literally like 2 days after the first. I’m just going to say that palette is amazing!

galaxy makeup tutorial using the jakie aina palette

I am so glad I got it, it applies to the eyelids so easily. I’m dark skin and the colors pop even without applying any eyeshadow primer, but of course it is more vibrant with the eyeshadow primer, but i’m just saying, you don’t find a lot of eyeshadow palettes that the colors pop on dark skin without putting in a little bit of work.

Using an eyeshadow primer, you can literally just go in with eyeshadow once and the color will pop. It has little to no fall out during application. it lasts through the day and is just amazing! really, I cannot say that enough. Also just to point out, I did not apply any eyeshadow primer here, just my initial makeup base of concealer and foundation, before powder. You can watch the video here

galaxy makeup tutorial using the jackie aina palette

Right from application you can tell it has a luxurious high end feel, which is amazing because it costs less than high end eyeshadow palettes. talk about best of both worlds, right…

but just out of curiosity, what were your thoughts when you first saw the palette?

If you have actually tried it out, do you like it?

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