There are so many people out there on tv or youtube or even instagram who do their makeup flawlessly and makes you feel like you cannot possibly be that good. wrong! You can definitely slay and beat your face just like everybody else. It just takes learning a few tricks here and there and understanding the actual techniques used to accomplish such beat face. Here are a few makeup tips everyone should live by. I know some of them are not makeup directly, but trust me, every tip on here is taking you one step closer to that effortless flawless beat.

makeup tips

1. Always apply eyeshadow primer

Applying eyeshadow primer not only makes your eyeshadow colors pop, but it makes application super easy. The eyeshadow has a base to stick to therefore cutting your makeup time short by using it.

Unlike if you do not use an eyeshadow base you end up having to keep going back with the eyeshadow and you can easily lift off more colors from your eyelids as you keep on going back. Which will make your entire eyeshadow to look blotchy. Not to mention, you end up using way more product this way.

You spent a lot of money on a good eyeshadow palette, you don’t want to waste it. Just get your money’s worth by going in with an eyeshadow primer, so that the colors come out more vibrant and give you the actual colors on your lids.

makeup tips

2. Tape for eyeshadow

Using tape to apply eyeshadow gives you that perfect angle, which overall makes your face look lifted. It keeps your eye corners and the rest of your face eyeshadow free, that way you don’t have to worry about that during application.

You don’t have to go in for a clean up with concealer afterwards either. Tape aids you in drawing your eyeliner, if you ever had any type of trouble with that. using tape for eyeshadow application also just gives you a symmetric look, because now, your angles and your eyeshadow will come out the same on both eyelids.

I’ve definitely done this more than I can count. Comes in real handy especially since I have deep set hooded eyes.

makeup tips

3. How to fix a clumpy mascara

We’ve all been there with this one. It’s a factory setting, when have your mascara for so long, it just starts to clump. And the worst thing one can do to it is to pump the mascara by pushing the wand in and out the tube in an attempt to get more product on the bristles. What that actually does is pump air into the mascara tube and make it even more dried out.

The best solution for a clumpy mascara is to put a few drops of Visine or any kind of eye drop into the mascara tube, and give it a swirl with the wand in the tube. Do not pump, the only in and out motions you should be doing with your want should be when you bring it out to apply on your lashes and when putting it back.

PS. You are actually supposed to replace your mascara within 3-4 months of opening.

how to fix clumpy mascara

4. Lip scrub for perfect lipstick application

This is something a lot of people tend to neglect. However, this simple step can make your lipstick look gazillion times better. It helps application of lipstick by letting it glide on smoothly without any cracking. And honestly, nobody likes ashy lips anyways, I don’t believe it would be comfortable.

The good thing is you can easily make this lip scrub yourself at home, using items from your kitchen.

½, tbs. Honey

½, tbs. Coconut oil or olive oil

1tbs. Brown sugar

how to diy lip scrubMix these three items and viola, you have yourself a lip scrub.  Apply and leave on for 3 minutes, then scrub off with your fingers and rinse off. Apply your favorite lip balm or lip gloss after this to keep your lips soft and moisturized.

makeup tips

5. Foundation application

If you want to have that sheer foundation look, apply your foundation with your fingers. A sheer foundation look is needed sometimes. It gives you that I’m not wearing a lot of makeup look but I still look flawless, making you just look effortlessly flawless. Who doesn’t want that?

However, for a medium to full coverage go in with your foundation using a foundation face brush.

PS. Don’t skip the face primer!

how to get flawless foundation

Do you have a favourite makeup hack or tip that you live by?

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