I just need to start off by saying, do not ever soak your brushes in order to get makeup out of the bristles. Do not!

Otherwise, you will very soon not have any more makeup brushes to wash.

We use our makeup brushes on a regular basis, for contour, foundation application and all these steps that has to do with the face. Did you know that not washing your brushes frequently can cause you to have breakout?

Alright let me explain this. Basically, when you continuously use the same makeup brushes over a certain period of time without actually washing the out, makeup is not the only thing that builds up on the bristles. Bacteria builds up and lives in your brushes if you don’t get them washed up.

makeup brushes

Imagine putting in so much effort into a skincare routine and just messing everything up by skipping this one step. I know I say one step, but really washing your makeup brushes is one thing that is very crucial and you do not want to mess with it. That is why I am here to guide you on how to wash your makeup brushes properly.

If you want to learn how often you should wash your makeup brushes, check that out here.

There are several products out there for cleaning your makeup brushes. But today we are doing a DIY. Sticking to those items you can easily find at home, like dishwashing liquid or shampoo or shower gel.

how to wash makeup brushes diy

What you will need to wash your makeup brushes at home DIY

  • Shower gel or shampoo or dishwashing liquid
  • Oil of choice (coconut oil, olive oil, or even cooking oil)
  • Hands or a mat

How to wash your makeup brushes step by step

  • First you obviously need to collect them, make sure you don’t have one laying at the bottom of the drawer. The last thing you need is to finish washing all of your brushes and find out that you forgot some in the drawer. So, I like to put them all in a bowl, so I can see what I am working with.
  • Second, you get another smaller bowl and pour in your liquid dish washer.
  • Then you pour in 1/3rd of your dishwasher quantity worth of oil.

*basically, if you put in 3 table spoons of dishwashing liquid, go in with a table spoon of oil*

And when you swirl it around it turns into this pretty silky color, lol.

how to clean makeup brushes

There are actually a number of benefits for using oil in the mix.

First: it washes the product off a lot easier by breaking it down, this way you brush come out a lot cleaner, especially if you have product build up in your brush. Maybe you’ve been doing a lot lately and had no time to wash your brushes frequently. Do not be that person, but I’m just saying, if it happens, there’s a solution.

Second:  it keeps your bristles moisturized. And I know it seems crazy to want to have your makeup brush bristles moisturized, but you don’t want to wash it with straight up dishwasher and let it dry off hard, so the oil makes it soft, which also helps and contributes to flawless makeup application.

how to wash makeup brushes
  • Now you dip in one brush at a time in your liquid soap mixture
  • Then you swirl the brush around in the palm of your hands until you get the product out of your brush bristles. If you have a mat, you can definitely use that, but I personally prefer using my palm. It takes longer, but it definitely gets products out a lot better in my opinion.
  • The you put your hand under the running tap to rinse out the product. Don’t stop swirling the brush in your palm or on the mat. Doing that continuously helps in getting rid of everything and also rinsing out your brush properly. You don’t want to have soapy makeup brushes now.
  • You can stack them in a separate bowl as you wash until you are don.
  • Then you dry them on a clean paper towel on a clean surface in your house. Do not put it by the window and have it open in order for it to dry quickly. It would just accumulate dust from outside and because it is wet, it will hold on to a lot. You do not want that. you are better off using a hand dryer to get it dry if you are in a hurry. Don’t put the brush too close to the dryer, it will burn.

I also recorded a video on this explaining step by step how to clean your makeup brushes, using shampoo. If you are not a fan of reading or just understand better by watching someone actually doing the tasks, then you are going to want to check this out.

So there you have it, how to clean your makeup brushes without spending money. Lord knows it cost a whole lot to by the makeup alone.

Let me know how often do you wash your makeup brushes?

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