Here are 10 weird beauty hacks that seems completely bizarre, yet absolutely works. It’s quite interesting having innovative minds that think of little simple ways to make living a little easier by providing hacks to things such as makeup. And thank God for the internet, we all can have access to such innovations. Some of them may make you squint a little as you read, but I promise you just give it  a shot. You would be the one sharing this with your friends.

how to get perfume to last longer

1. Adding Vaseline on your joints

You’re probably thinking what adding Vaseline to your joints does? LOL it’s nothing deep, but adding Vaseline to your joints helps you retain fragrance for so long. If you were going out for a long day and you want your perfume to stick to you the whole time, in addition to spraying your clothes, you can just apply a little bit of Vaseline to your joints and you will smell nice the whole time.


2. Dunking your face in ice cold water

This is a Korean method for helping your face hold on to makeup for a long time. This Korean beauty hack is called Jamsu. Alright, let me explain how this works, basically after applying your foundation, you go over it with setting powder. Then you get yourself ice cold water in a bowl and then t=dunk your face in it for a few seconds. What this does is, it helps your makeup stay on through the day without anything moving. And it also helps your makeup to stay matte, making it look like you just got out of your makeup room 2 minutes ago the whole day.

how to get your makeup to last

3. Using bobby pin to contour

Alright sometimes we struggle a little with this contouring thing and you just wish you had a face map or something to make things a little easier. Well, some amazing people came up with using bobby pins as a guide for contouring. Basically, you get yourself a bobby pin, stretch it out to create a “U” shape and place it on your nose so that the pin is above the bridge of your nose and ends are pointing towards your lips. Apply the darker contouring powder along the outside of the pin sides for a precise contour. If you want to highlight your nose, apply highlighter to the middle “U” of the bobby pin. I know it seems a little extra, but this is definitely an easy guide for someone who is struggling a little bit with the contouring process.


4. Use powder on your lips

Sometimes you want to go for a matte lip, but the color of lipstick that goes with your outfit and makeup that day is glossy. A lip stick can literally make or break a look, make no compromises. If you want a matte lip and all you have is gloss, just put on the glossy color on your lips and go over it with powder. It is best to dust on translucent or white powder lightly over the gloss, and you can use your fingers for that.

how to make your lipstick matte, beauty hack

5. Using Vaseline for your eyelashes

Almost everyone applies eyelashes when they do their makeup. And I mean it is expected. Eyelashes really takes your makeup look to the next level. However, when you come to take it off, you do not just want to rip them off without making the glue loose. You can easily do that by applying makeup remover, or eye makeup remover with a cotton bud/q-tip along the lash line. This helps in dissolving the eyelash glue that way you do not end up ripping out your actual eyelashes or in some cases ruining your false lashes. But really more emphasis on preserving your own lashes. Vaseline is a good alternative to help you remove your eyelashes. you may not always have those other products for removing the lashes. But you are sure to always have Vaseline laying around that will get the job done well.


6. Applying water on your brows

Now we all want some natural looking eyebrows. You want them drawn and looking exactly the way you want them to, but you don’t want it looking obvious. There’s a reason everyone goes for a more natural look these days when it comes to makeup, it just looks better. Wetting your eyebrows, a little before going in with your eye pencil help your eyebrow pick up let product. That way you have your brows drawn, but its not heavily packed with product. It also helps with a much smother application with an eyebrow pencil.


7. Apply your makeup with a sock

Did you know that you can actually use a sock to apply your foundation? Okay, it would absolutely be advisable to use a clean sock. If you were ever in a situation where your needed a beauty blender to help you achieve that flawless finish but you did not have any, then just grab your sock and get blending. It gives you the same finish a blender does, but your need to make sure you wash it after use, so you don’t have a stained sock.

using tape to apply eyeliner

8. Use tape for a straight eyeliner

Sometimes achieving that perfectly straight winged eyeliner is not as easy as it looks. Even the beauty gurus have days where the eyeliner just looks crooked, and I’m pretty sure we have all established that going back in with the liner in an attempt to fix it just creates an even worse scenario. You go from having an almost perfect winged liner to a really bad smokey eye. So, placing tape at the corner of your eye as the exact guideline helps you get that perfect wing. It helps to avoid messy, crooked lines.


9. Using cold water for your nails

Have you ever finished painting your nails because you want to look glam and then right after realized you’re not patient enough to wait minutes for your nail polish to dry up? Same.

LOL I’m pretty sure this is just me, I’m pretty sure everyone is patient enough to wait for their nails to dry up. But if there’s any chance you are as impatient as I am, or maybe you were just in a hurry to go somewhere. Dipping your fingertips into a bowl of cold water does the trick and your nails dry almost instantly. I love this hack, and I use it all the time, even if I have no where to be, I just want to cuddle in bed okayyy.


10. Using your tail comb for them edges

This is gold for all my black girls out there struggling with them edges. We all know about using an old toothbrush to lay them edges. And while the tooth brush gets your edges laid, the tail comb makes it super easy to get that cute pattern while keeping everything in place. I personally go in first with a toothbrush to get that product in there and make sure all the baby hair is covered and laid. Them I go in with my tail comb with the same motion creating waves with my hair. It gives it a prettier finish. You do not use the tail of the comb, you just need the small teeth comb. So, I guess you can go in with any small teeth comb, the thing is you always find a tail comb lying around somewhere and I personally use it.


Which one of these hacks have you never heard about?

Also, what weird hack do you know about that actually works?

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