This is how you wash your false eyelashes at home. Every item mentioned here are items you can find in your own kitchen. You do not have to run out to go buy yourself eyelash cleansers. This does the job just fine.


Let’s talk about why you need to clean your false eyelashes on a regular. Once you discover false lashes it’s like there is no going back. It literally takes your whole makeup to another level, which is amazing. But because it is used regularly a lot of people forget to wash it alongside their makeup brushes.


Guys, if you are washing your makeup brushes for hygiene reasons, then yeah, you need to wash your eyelashes as well. It collects just as much makeup as your brushes. And over time the makeup builds up. Not to mentions, the eyelashes glue builds up on the eyelashes making it a lot more difficult to hold on to your lids during application.


Sometimes when your eyelashes are flying off your lids after you’ve glued them down is probably because there is so much glue build up that in obstructing the lash from holding on to your lids.

How to clean false lashes

The items needed to wash your false lashes

  • Warm water
  • Dish washing liquid
  • Tweezers
  • Spoolie

Yuup, all the cleaning agents you need are things in your home. You can switch the dishwashing liquid with shampoo or shower gel or something along those line. Do not use detergent, that would be too harsh. Then tweezers, and to be honest, you can use your bare hands. It’s just that the tweezers really help you get in there, especially if you have buildup of glue.

wash eyelash extensions DIY

How to wash your false lashes, step by step

First you put your warm water into a bowl

Then you add in one to two table spoon(s) of dishwashing liquid

Put in your lashes and leave them overnight to soak

Use your tweezers (or your hands) to pull the glue off the lashes carefully. If you left the lashes in water overnight, the glue should be soggy and slide off the lashes easily.

Place the lashes on a clean hard surface, like a table top and go in with your spoolie to brush out the mascara from the lashes.

After removing the glue and makeup from the lashes, rinse them off with clean water.

After rinsing, before placing them to dry, you need to go in with your spoolie to brush the lashes back to its curvy form, because however you let the lashes dry will be the same shape and position the lash hair will remain.

Dry the lashes on some paper towels. It dries in literally 30 minutes.


You can also watch a video here where I carry you step by step explaining just how you can wash your false eyelashes properly. Watch it here.

Also, let me know do you throw out your lashes after every use?

Or are you like I don’t even know how to apply them lashes… Let me know what team you belong!

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