As a hijabi Muslim woman, it is no secret that we all struggle to find something appropriate to wear to the gym, while still being comfortable enough to work out in. I will share some of my tips for finding the perfect workout clothes, and then the 10 outfit ideas for the gym as promised. Of course, the term used here is gym, but these are modest sportswear outfits one can use for any type of work out, even outdoors.


Tips for Modest Workout Wear

Just in general here are my tips for finding the perfect modest clothing from your closet without having to go modest sportswear shopping. For the top, find a long sleeved, light weight top that is baggy and loose on you and most ideally, big enough that it comes down all the way to your bum.

Another option for the top is to find a baggy, loose tank top, that hopefully gets all the way down to your bum. Then you pair it with any long-sleeved top on the inside. I double my shirts, but I only do that if what I’m wearing on the outside has no sleeves completely. If the outer top is a shirt, even if it is short sleeved, I personally feel to bulky and I’m just not a fan of the look. Sometimes it feels too restricting too and will not allow complete arm motion.

And if it is winter and you work out outside, its pretty easy, just throw on a big ol hoodie and you are good to go. Keep in mind, if you go to the gym, you still have to be covered underneath because it will likely be warmer in the gym, and once you start to work out, you will get sweaty, like sweaty, sweaty, uncomfortable sweaty. lol. Worth a mention.

For the pants, as long as your top covers your bum, you can just wear some leggings. But my personal favorite is a sweat pant or track pants, I feel like it provides more coverage.


Modest Sportswear Ideas for Hijabis

Here are a few outfit ideas for the gym that you can model, or it spikes some ideas in your head so you can just use what you have in your wardrobe while following the tips I talked about.

I hope you found this post helpful, If you did share it with your other Muslim or hijabi friends, so that they can also workout in style. Which one was your favorite look?

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