Vision boards are amazing!  That is why people keep doing them time and time again.

If you are not sure what a vision board is or what the craze is all about then you may want to check out What is a vision board and why do I need one? It gives you a simple, straight to the point breakdown of what vision boards are and why you may need one.

Right now, we will just focus on how to design one. I’m assuming you know everything there is to know about vision boards at this point.

Step by step how to design a successful vision board

1. Brainstorm

This is the part where you actually sit your butt down and put on your thinking hat. I would highly suggest doing this on a really good day, where you feel really good and capable of doing literally everything. You then try to envision yourself at the end of the year, what would you have at the end of the year that would make you feel fulfilled? You need to envision this in your head, whether it is your health or body, money, saving, whatever it is, you need to have it in your mind first.

Take your time for this, because it is really crucial to be sure of your goals and what you may want to have by the end of the year. Envision with all the feels, because real soon, it will become your reality. You can also go through new years resolutions that could possibly give you ideas of certain things your mind may have skipped.

2. Make a list

Now, after brainstorming and being clear on what you really want. Get a pen and paper and write down everything you would like to accomplish by the end of the year. The last thing you want is to finish making your entire vision board only to realize you actually forgot something. Which is why it is essential to take your time in that first step, that’s where the bulk of productivity is.

Learn how to make a vision board to accomplish your goals (1)

3. Get your vision board printables

After figuring out what you would want to achieve, now you go online to find images that relate to it. You can get quotes that inspire you. Pictures of things you would want to have. Photoshop yourself or your name in the space if you have to, to make the vision more real. You can also find some vision board printables here.

And because you can never have too much free printables, here are 60 goal setting quotes that will be perfect for your vision board.

4. Get your supplies

After having your list of things to accomplish by the end of the year. Next, you will put together supplies to help you create the vision board. These supplies are;


A1 or A2 cardboard/ carton/ card

*ps.A1 is bigger than A2. It depends on how big you want to go

Vision board printables *printed

Glue or double sided tape

*you can use one sided tape, double sided is just easier if you don’t have glue


5. Start crafting!

Congrats! You have gotten to the fun part. Where you actually start putting together your vision board. Get your vision board printables and start cutting them and pasting them to your board. Arrange it however you like. If you want, you can have your personal life goals on one side and professional life goals on the other. But whatever you do, do not make more that one vision board, because you need to focus on only one. You can get some ideas of vision boards here to get you started. Learn what makes your vision board actually work.


Lastly but not the least, hang up your vision board where you can see it daily. I know your room is pretty and all, but you need this in order for it to work. Check in every week to be sure that everything you are spending our time on is getting you closer to that vision board. If you notice time wasting activities, meaning anything that is not moving you closer to your vision board, cut it out. It doesn’t matter what it is, write it down if you have to, you’ll get to it next year. For real.  Keep this up, keep checking back to be sure you are on track, You got this!

‘Remember that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.’

– Abraham Lincoln


Here are 7 goal setting strategies you need to know to set attainable reachable goals for your vision board.

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