It’s that time of the year and everyone is going all crazy about vision boards. Trust me, I get it. But once you understand what it is and its benefits, trust me, you will be going all crazy too.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a board where you put all your clear goals and dreams on in order to keep you in line with where you are headed. A vision board is literally where you paste your goals in a visual manner. Because just having goals isn’t good enough, we believe in the law of attraction and visualization.

Why should I have a vision board?

In case you did not understand all the craze about having a vision board, I will break it down.

what is a vision board


For starters, you have a vision board in order to be able to visualize your goals daily. Which is why it needs to be in an open place where you can see it daily. It’s like having affirmations which you see every day. Visualize it into being.

Quiet out the noise

Once you have your pinpointed goals on your vision board, everyday you wake up and see it makes you stay on track. We are humans and we always have a lot going on in our heads, always with endless ideas, but once you make something like a vision board to remind you where you’re headed it helps to really keep you on track and ignore all those other noises in your head. It doesn’t matter how much of a good idea you have, at this point, anything that is not on your vision board is just noise.

Keeps you focused

It keeps you focused, as mentioned in earlier points, it helps you prioritize and also to have a vision on where you are headed. This means it will keep you focused on that goal. As you travel through life, it keeps you on that straight path where you have to stick to in order to get to your goal. It keeps you on track so that you don’t waste time doing other things.


Get your free vision board printables here, so that you can start getting to it.

Go on and make your dreams become a reality!

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