We all love a good silk scarf the way it drapes around our shoulders and just the feel of it is worth owning one or several. But there is nothing worse than getting a new scarf and not being able to care for it properly. Silk scarves are only as amazing as how you take care of them. Silk is such an investment that you want to get the most out of, not to mention it never goes out of style. Therefore, from the way you keep them to how you wash them to what kind of detergent you need to wash them will be explained here. You got to be on the top of your game with your silk scarf!

How to keep your silk scarf

İt is best to hang your silk scarf rather than fold it, because it easily gets rumpled and you don’t want that. You don’t want to put it in a basket with the rest of your dirty laundry when dirty either, because that causes it to crease. İts either you have it on or you hang it. That is the best way to avoid creases and have your scarf looking new every time.

When storing, don’t store it in plastic bags. Keep it in a breathable bag, and in that case you can have it folded neatly. Never store your scarf in a damp environment.

How to take care of your silk scarf

How to wash your silk scarf properly

İt is most definitely best to take your silks to the dry cleaning because just in general they have a better knowledge of fabrics and would know how to handle it. With that being said, you can also get it cleaned yourself at home if you follow these steps.

  • Put your silk scarf in a bucket and add in detergent


  • Soak it for a few hours


  • Swish it around in the bucket or bowl, you can totally do this in the sink. Avoid rubbing the fabric together. Soaking it in soap should get all dirt out of it.


  • Rinse the soap our of it, then flap it to get water out of the silk scarf. Do not wring it because that will contribute in making it worn out. It’s okay if it’s dripping wet. İf you need water out of it, just lay it on a towel and roll up the towel with the silk scarf in it. That usually gets all the water out, do not twist the towel.


  • After that you hang it up to dry, where there is no direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will fade or damage the fabric in other ways.


  • And when it comes to ironing, it is best not to. That is why you try not to get it wrinkled in the first place. But sometimes you just have no option, then you lay your silk scarf down on your ironing board. Lay another fabric on top of it so that your iron is not having direct contact with it. Make sure the iron setting is low or set to silk.

Best detergents for washing your silk scarf

I’m sure you are reading this because you know already that silk is a delicate fabric and not all detergents can be used for it. So, here is a list of some delicate silk detergent suitable for washing silk and links to where you can purchase. Or you could just get it from your local store.

detergent for washing silk scarf

Woolite Darks Liquid Laundry Detergent


detergent for washing silk

Woolite For All Delicates Laundry Detergent


detergent for washing silk

Crystal Wash – Wash Balls – Laundry Detergent Alternative


gentle detergent for washing silk

Tide Original Scent He Turbo Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent


silk detergent

Ariel color


gentle detergent for washing silk

Persil Liquid Detergent for Silk and Wool

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