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My very easy and effective skincare routine

This is a very simple, effective skin care routine I have ultimately developed for myself. Trust me, I was that girl, a few months ago if you mentioned anything about skin care to me, I would literally brush it off. I would just assume it was not a priority and tag it as something you just do when you don’t have any other thing else to do, basically in other words, I was just seeing it as a waste of time. I rather read, or work or just focus my energy somewhere else than pay attention to something that feels so little to me. Well, little did I know that these little things I brush off could make a huge impact on me.

Benefits of a daily skin care routine

Self-care is self-love, and I think sometimes we tend to forget that. Well, honestly, I way not into the whole self-love thing a year ago. I say self-love thing because that’s literally how I saw it. Now I have been consciously trying to make little changes in my life by deliberately practice self-love and that has just turned my life around, in a way that I need a lot more words to just really explain the depth of it.

But for now, lets just stick to skin care singularly and talk about my exact skincare routine that I have developed for myself which has really helped my skin. I told this little story to just let you know how skincare has helped my mental health, helped me built my confidence and of course now my skin is glowing and radiant and I am just sure if f I keep it up, I will achieve that glass skin everyone appreciates.

My step by step skin care routine

I just want to point out that obviously if you are wearing makeup, this is the point you clean it all off. You can of course go in with a face pad and micellar water to gently remove the makeup from your skin before going in with a face wash/ cleanser.

If you don’t have micellar water, sometimes I use makeup remover wipes, which you could use too. I personally add in an organic oil, either olive oil or coconut oil, which ever you have available. I do that so the wipes are more effective and makeup easily comes off. It is not necessary, but I do it.

And lastly, if you do not have any of the products I mentioned, you can at least go in with oil first, cover your entire face. This helps break down makeup, that way when you go in with a face wash, it can clean off easily, without being vigorous to your skin.

Always be delicate and loving throughout this entire process and your skin will show you love back, I promise.


After removing makeup from my face, the first thing I do is cleanse. Go in with my face wash, either with a brush or by hand. There are so many manual cleaning brushes or scrubs you can use, granted you keep them clean. I use an electrical face brush once a week. I try to keep everything as delicate a possible and for that reason I stick to using my fingers most of the time.

My two favorite face washes at the moment are; the Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel Facial Cleanser for Combination to Oily Skin.

Bioderma face wash

And, Noreva Exfoliac Foaming Gel.

novera exfoliac

Double cleanse

After rinsing off the first wash, I usually go in a second time just to really make sure my skin is clean. Especially if I am wearing makeup. You can have two face washes for this, or just go in a second time with your first face wash. Also, in my head, I feel like the first wash gets rid of the dirt and actually cleanses the skin, and the second does whatever benefits your face wash has to offer. Like this is really when your face wash does its job. I also follow the 60 second rule, which is to make sure your face wash stays on your skin for at least 60 seconds as you wash in circular motions. This way the face wash actually gets in there and does what it is supposed to do.

(Face scrub)

I have this in bracket because, this is a step I only do two to three times a week, nothing more. I do this after cleansing. The face scrub I use is the Yves Rocher Pure System Clean Pore Cleanser. You can read my review of this product here.


(Chemical exfoliant)

I also use a chemical exfoliant twice a week, nothing more than three. The chemical exfoliant I use is the Caudalie gycolic peel. You can read my review of this product here. I apply it all over my face and leave it for 30 minutes to an hour if I’m being honest, because I get lost in time doing other things. But 20 -30 minutes is sufficient. The good thing is this is a mild chemical exfoliant, that’s why I can get away with leaving it longer.


(Clay mask)

I apply a clay mask after exfoliating. This something I do twice a week too. I am yet to get that holy grail face mask to be honest. All the face masks I have used just makes my face look smooth and pore minimized, which is good. Every face mask should do that. When I say I’m looking for a holy grail face mask, I mean, I am looking for a face mask that will do something beyond just what every basic face mask does. I need it to clear blemishes and make my skin radiant. But anyways, the face mask I use currently is the flormar clay mask. It works decently, It has a strong fragrance I do not appreciate. Although I have never reacted, which is a good thing.


Toners help your skin look hydrated and even out your skin tone. I use the flormar cleansing tonic with matcha tea and that, I love. You can read my review about it and learn all that it has done for me and my skin. I use this product every day and night after cleansing. Regardless if I go in with a face mask or exfoliant that day or not. I apply the product generously on a face pad and wipe it over my face and neck.

flormar toner review

Pore refiner/serum

I need a pore refiner, because I don’t have any other product that refines pores. So, I use the sebium pore refiner by Bioderma. If you have a toner or moisturizer which refines pores, I guess you can skip this step, and just go in with your serum. I have not found that wow serum yet, so I don’t use one.


After going in with my pore refiner, I moisturize of course. I try to wait a few seconds before going in with the moisturizer, just to let the other products kind of sink in. The moisturizer I use is YVES ROCHER Pure System Stop Acne Lotion which you can read the product review here.

YVES ROCHER Pure System Stop Acne Lotion REVIEW

Sun screen/double moisturize

After I go in with my moisturizer, I always double moisturize. I use a different moisturizer, just to add in moisture to my skin. For the most part my second moisturizer is a sunscreen with SPF. You need to use sunscreen to protect your skin. The sun is usually too harsh and can damage the skin and if you are someone trying to fight hyperpigmentation you definitely don’t want to skip SPF. The moisturizer I use is Nuxe Splendieuse face cream.

nuxe moisturizer for glowy skin

I need to also add that in order for you to actually see results you have to be consistent. I stick to this morning and night time. It has definitely improved my skin tremendously and that’s a lot to say for someone who never had acne or any serious problematic skin. It just goes to show that is does not matter how your skin is, you need to take care of it. And it will look different and improved.

A good way to stay consistent is if you look at whatever time you spend doing this as your me time. You can meditate, play soft music and just really enjoy the moment and your time. It makes it something to look forward to after a long day, just to find that calm and peace within, while also working towards a bomb skin.

Let me know what your favorite skincare products are!

You could watch me go through the products and how I apply them step by step.

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