Flormar clay mask is a product I recently tried out and just felt compelled to do a review on it. We all need that good a good clay mask incorporated to our skin care routine. Clay masks help detoxify the face while also reducing excess oils. It helps to tighten your pores and you cannot deny its benefits once you start using it in your routine.


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How to use Flormar clay mask

Flormar clay mask needs to be used at least twice a week for best results.

  • After cleansing the face and patting dry with a clean towel
  • You apply the Flormar clay mask unto your face with a spatula or your fingers
  • Leave the clay mask on for about 25 to 20 minutes, or till it dries
  • Then gently wash off your skin with lukewarm water

Flormar also have other products. Read my review on their antiblemish ceansing tonic with matcha tea. Are their products worth the money?

FLORMAR clay mask

What the product promises to do:

The purifying and deep-cleansing Flormar Clay Mask nourishes and relieves the skin. With its creamy texture that spreads easily and clay-based purifying formula, the mask seeps into dirt within minutes and effortlessly removes dirt from the skin when rinsed with warm water after it dries. Suitable for dry and oily skin, the Clay Mask cleanses the skin of dead cells and allows you to achieve a healthy and well-cared for appearance. It is a hydrating and exfoliating face mask. Find out if you have dry skin here. Find out if you have oily skin here. 


My review of it:

I got this product because I was looking for a great clay mask that will help tighten my pores and hopefully do a little more. While the Flormar clay mask tightens pores and makes your skin look smooth, by exfoliating. It does not do everything that it promises to do, such as hydrating. I have been using this product for over 2 months now and it is not the most hydrating product. However, because it does what every clay mask out there should do for you, I am quite happy with it. I have other products that keep me looking hydrated!

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One thing that caught me off guard about the product was the fact that it has a strong fragrance. It does not smell bad or anything, it smells really good. It’s just that I have always been weary of products that have strong scents. If you have used any of the loreal clay face wash, then it smells just like it. I have also used several other clay masks and they don’t have that strong fragrance.


But like I said I have been using it for over 2 months now consistently, and for someone who has really sensitive skin. I have not reacted to it, not once. For that, I give it props, because I have reacted to the best products out there.


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You can watch a video here on l the products I have reacted to in the past. Don’t make the same mistakes I made.

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