Everyone is always super excited for summer. The sunshine brings so much joy and so much heat. While all that sunshine can be good for the soul, some people dread wearing makeup during the summer because it easily melts off, your eyeliner gets displaced after an hour and after a whole day, your mascara has given you a black eye. No, we do not want that.


There are several ways you can actually stop your makeup from rolling off your face because of the heat. We love the summer, we dress to kill, we also need a beat face, without all that ugliness I mentioned earlier. So here are the things you need to do in order for your makeup to stay in place during this summer.


  • Moisturize

Guys beauty begins from your skin! Prep your skin well and it will serve you well through the day. It is advisable to use an oil free moisturizer in the day time. That way your skin stays hydrated and healthy through the day without the dripping oil. Your skin tends to secrete more oils if it does not feel hydrated. So do not skip the moisturizers, just go for an oil free one.

  • Sunscreen

Okay, let’s not forget the sunscreen. With all that talk about melting makeup and oily face, let’s also remember sunburn. You need to keep your skin clean, hydrated and free of sunburns. When your skin is burnt, makeup doesn’t really sit well. Apply your sunscreen every day!

summer makeup tips
  • Primer

Now the actual deal breaker. You have to get you a good face primer. Now your skin has been prepped and protected against the sun. A good face primer helps to hold in your makeup through the day, by controlling oil. It also helps minimize pores so that your foundation can apply easily and flawlessly. Invest in a good oil control primer for oily skin, those are specifically designed to stop excess oil production in the skin.


  • Less is more

When it comes to makeup during the summer, go with the motto ‘less is more’. It really is. It is inevitable that your makeup state will change, however the less makeup you have on, the less likely for it to crease, you still look good and dolled up, just not with as much products and through the day, there won’t be any creases. Skip the foundation if you may and just stick to concealer. You find that it gives a better result and everything stays in place at the very end, because there was never much to move around in the first place.

How to get my makeup to last the whole day
  • Don’t powder

I cannot stress this enough, if you feel like you are sweating or your face is getting oily, DO. NOT. RE. POWDER. Of course, just after doing your makeup, you need powder to set everything in. But later in the day, when your face starts to get oily, don’t go in with more powder.

If you do that, you just end up having way more products than you planned to have in the beginning. Which defeats the aim of ‘less is more’ because now you keep layering and layering, it will end up creasing, and that is never a good look. To be honest, even during the winter, this is my thing, once I leave the house, I do not repowder. Everything stays the same till I get back home.

If you need to, use a blotting paper to help reduce the oil and sweat without moving your makeup around. Dab, do not rub. If you don’t have blotting paper, you can use tissue, lightly dab. You should totally invest in blotting papers though.


  • Use waterproof makeup

When it comes to eyeliners, mascaras and lipsticks, you want to stick to the waterproof products. Those are actually built for moisture and you are guaranteed they will not budge once applied, unless you are taking them off with the right products.

How to get my makeup to last longer during the summer
  • Prime your lids

For eye shadow, the best way to get them to stick without moving is if you set them. So prime the lids, there are very good eyeshadow primers out there that once you apply before eyeshadow colors, you are sure nothing of moving from where it was placed.

  • Spray it down

When you are done with your makeup, you want to make sure you spray it down with a good setting spray. A good setting spray can do wonders to your makeup look. I always say, once you have a good face primer and a good setting spray, then you are good to go.

They both help with oil control and overall appearance of makeup. Setting spray helps hold your makeup in place, one from the bottom and the other from the top. They work well together.

Set your makeup in place, so that if by any chance you sweat or get a little oily, everything will still be in place and all you have to do, is blot the oil from your face.


I hope you found these tips helpful. I sure do live by them during the summer. Let me know are you a full face kind of girl or a light makeup kind of girl?

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