Flormar shower gel is one of those products I decided to dive into because of its availability around me. It started from trying out the Flormar toner with matcha tea, and my oh my. I won’t say much, you just have to read the review for yourself here. Let’s stick to the shower gel here.


So flormar has several shower gels, in their range. The different flavors are; Mango with mango extract, citrus with citrus fruit extract, cotton candy & vanilla with shea butter extract, creamy coconut with coconut extract and mixed berries with acai berry extract. They are all infused with vitamin E. Already from the names, they sound promising.

I opted for the mixed berries with acai berry extract, which actually does smell like berries. Before we go into my thoughts and my review of the product, I will like to share what flormar promises this product will do to you and your skin.

What the product promises to do

According to flormar; Vitamins A, C and E in Mixed Berries Shower Gel will leave you feeling refreshed after each shower! Thanks to its special formula, Flormar shower gel nourishes, moisturizes and protects the skin. By protecting the skin from drying out, it helps prevent wrinkles resulting from dry skin and allows your body to look healthy.

My review of flormar shower gel:

flormar shower gel review

I loved the fact that it smells like berries. There are certain products that you buy that is supposed to smell like berries, but really it doesn’t. this does, and always makes me feel like drinking it in when I’m in the shower. I will say this though, while it does smell so good, everyone loves the smell of berries. It does not replace deodorant, please do not skip the deodorant.


You are not going to be smelling like berries the whole day. It does not work like that. The smell is temporary on the body, which is okay. It promises to leave you refreshed after each shower, that it does, just like any other shower gel tbh. It promises to stop your skin from drying out. That is not something I can vouch, although lets keep in mind, I have really dry skin, and just like any other shower gel, immediately after showering I still have to go in with a heavy lotion, otherwise I’m looking ashy.


While the moisturizing part of this shower gel can be improved, it is a really good shower gel. Foams up just okay, nothing too extra. But it is definitely not one of those shower gels that you keep adding and it doesn’t foam. This one foams, gives you a good wash and it smells divine. Has your bathroom smelling nice. Another thing I love about this shower gel is the price. It is quite affordable for a decent wash that can last you 3 weeks to 1 month, depending on how often you shower in a day.


I would recommend this product to a friend. Let me know have you heard of flormar before?

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