I am sure you have heard and read all about people binge watching and now you are here because you are tired of the FOMO. Everyone tweets about how they spend so much time binge watching, and especially now that we are in lock down, people are looking for ways to spend their time. Staying idly at home for days on end, will just make you run mad. Even if you have work to do or school, it still doesn’t hurt to catch a break. We need you to be part of the party, but first, what exactly is binge watching?


What is binge watching?

Binge watching is the art of watching tv uninterrupted for a long time. Most times people do it with tv shows because they are usually longer, and more convenient for binge watching, that way you don’t have to keep stressing on what to watch next, once you are done with a typical 2 hour movie. However, don’t get me wrong, you can still do it with movies, when you come prepared.

Binge watching is especially fun when you find yourself a good tv show. I have personally been on a three days marathon of binge watching with my friends. It was so much fun.

binge watching

How to binge watch

When it comes to binge watching, how you do it is what makes it fun. You can binge watch with friends, that never gets old. You don’t have to physically be in the same space. I have binge watched shows with my friends while on a face time call. Now Netflix introduced Netflix party and so far, I have been utilizing that feature.


Make sure you are comfortable when going on a binge watching marathon. Wear your lounge wear or a big baggy shirt, or sweatpants, or just your underwear, really whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Grab a blanket, to get yourself snuggled up. It can be a light blanket if it is warm.


Get yourself something to snack on, it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. You can snack on celery, baby carrots or other healthy options. I personally go the unhealthy route, or just popcorn. Popcorn has very little calories, although I drown mine in sugar, but I mean I’m just really unhealthy in general. Lol.

After finding something comfy to wear, grabbing a blanket and a snack, the next thing you want to do is dim the lights. You can dim the lights or just put them off completely. It depends on how you would prefer it. But having lights blaring in your face and on the screen is not fun during a binge watch marathon, and it doesn’t get you relaxed like you should be. Binge watching can be therapeutic, it helps you forget your worries and just reduces your stress levels.


Of course, the party can’t start without a good tv show to binge watch. You can go through my personal list of binge worthy tv shows and pick whichever catches your eye. I break it down in terms of age rating, sexual content, nudity, blood and genre. I also added the trailers, to help you better choose. Go through it and I’m sure you will find something you would enjoy. If you prefer watching movies, you can definitely have yourself a list of at least 10 movies you would like to watch before settling in to watch your movies.

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