Get you that VSCO looking bedroom in just a few steps. Everyone wants that picture perfect background, and even moreso, everyone wants to have that picture perfect background be their own bedroom. Imagine walking in to an aesthetic space everyday as your own comfort zone...ahhh nothing beats that feeling.


What is a VSCO bedroom?

Before we get into the details of it, and break down how to achieve a VSCO bedroom, let's just explain what a VSCO bedroom is.


A VSCO bedroom was basically inspired by the VSCO app itself. If you didn't know, VSCO is a photo editting app, that is all the talk right now. Everyone on instagram, and every photoediting social network uses the app to get the most amazing photo finish.


In addition to creating amazing pictures for other applications, VSCO itself has it's own feed, where you can publish your own edited pictures. It is literally like an instagram feed, except less pressure because, you don't need to worry about likes and comments. You just let loose and get creative.


VSCO bedroom ideas

A VSCO bedroom is an aesthetically pleasing space where you can randomly at any time taake a picture and it will just look bomb, because you know your environment is set. How you achieve that is by letting your creativity loose and your personality reflect in your room decor. When you or anybodyelse walks into the room, they need to feel like it is your space and it screams you. And there are so many ways you can achieve that using these tips and inspirations.


VSCO Bedroom Decor Ideas

Let's make it more VSCO girl themed. When it comes to the VSCO girl and her bedroom, one of the first things you will notice are photos, Lot's of em!


You can create a photo collage of pictures that mean something to you or just makes you feel good, it really doesn't have to be that deep, 'let loose' remember! You can download theese pictures on  pinterest, or tumblr or even VSCO. If you have an old magazine you may not need anymore, you can just cut up some cute pages off it.


When making your wall collage, think about what it would look like in your whole room. The best places to make a photo collage is by your bed or tactically placing it as a back drop for your selfies. Yes, you need to be thinking about the future. If you take a lot of pictures in a certain part of your room, it woould probably be best to have your photo collage right behind.

how to have a vsco bedroom
how to have a vsco bedroom

Essential VSCO Bedroom Items

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If you are a fan of mirror selfies, which again every VSCO girl is. But I am aware not everyone has a mirror in their room, which is totally okay. But if you do have a mirror in your room for selfies, then you may want to make your photo collage around the mirror, that way when you take a pirror picture, the wall around it, isn't just bland.


How to transform my room into a vsco bedroom

Another tip is to have the photo collage on the wall behind, that way, it shows up in the mirror. Its still looks cute anyway, it's left for you to figure our what goes best with your bedroom and what you have in mind.


Plants, Real or Fake, Doesn't even matter!

How to transform my room into a vsco bedroom
VSCO bedroom ideas

Plants really give your space life. It gives it a pop of color and flowers just in general makes a space a happy place. Not to mention, they look absolutely amazing in photographs.


Tapstry for your VSCO bedroom!

Tapestry for vsco bedroom

Another thing that really add a pop of color and adds character to your space is some tapestry. You see it in every VSCO bedroom. It is up to you to find the fabrics and pattern that resonate with you style, so you can hang it up against the wall. It can replace a photo collage wall, in a smaller space, or if you have room, you can just have a seperate tapestry wall. Giving you a variety of wall backgrounds in your room.


Tapestry for vsco bedroom

A tapestry can also be draped across the ceiling from one wall to another. Really givng your space some definition, instead of the regular rectancular ceiling.


Lights. Can't forget those in a VSCO bedroom!

Vsco bedroom ideas

Either hung up on the wall or stung across the ceiling, every VSCO bedroom need them! You can never go wrong with lights, and it can never be too much. Lights are very fun and really brighten and open up the space. You can have fun with it and buy different sizes or colors of string lights.

You can drape them by your window, or around your selfie mirror or as a backdrop for your bed. Just go all out and test the places the lights will look good, both in the day time and the night time.

lights for vsco bedroom

Pillows are an essential for a VSCO bedroom!

You need really cute pillows too, they are the props of your bed. Get them in different sizes, unique shapes, the colors matter too, because you need to be thinking about your entire room theme. You want everything to complement everything. Don't overthink it tho, there is nothing wrong with having a few pieces stand out. In fact, it is artistic.

pillows for vsco bedroom
pillows for vsco bedroom

Monochrome Theme!

When it comes to picking a theme for your entire room, think monochrome. Monochrome space just has an elegant feel to it. When it comes to creating your own VSCO bedroom, you add so many pieces and props that seems like it would make the place rowdy. With a monochrome room, everything just looks like it's in place.


An easy way to do that is with your beddings, you make sure everything is in the color scheme you want your room to look like. With the papestry, flower pots, photos, and just everything that will be added into the room. A few colors can stand out, but in the grand scheme of things, be aware that your chosen color scheme will be your main colors.


A tip is to buy one piece of bedding a month. In no time, your entire room will look organized and aestheticsally pleasing. The ultimate VSCO bedroom. The room everyone wants!

Monochrome bedroom theme vsco

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