Have you noticed inconsistencies in your skin? Not sure if your skin is oily or dry? As someone with combination skin type, you may think you need different skincare products for different parts of your face to create some sort of balance, but really you don’t. 


With the right skincare products, all you need is consistency to keep up with that healthy glowy balanced skin. First, you need to know if you really do have combination skin.


How to tell if you have combination skin?

In order to fix a problem, one must know what the problem is. Learning what your skin type is, brings you one step closer to having the perfect skincare routine for yourself. 


Combination skin is when parts of your face is dry, mostly around the cheeks and other parts are oily, particularly the T-zone area (forehead, nose, and chin). Some telling signs; 

  • Having visibly large pores on your nose, 
  • After cleansing, your T-zone starts to get oily before any part of your face.
  • After moisturizing, only your T-zone feels too oily.
how to balance out combination skin

What causes combination skin?

When it comes to having combination skin, one of the major reasons is your genes. This is one of the skin type that is heavily based on your DNA and what you inherit from your parents. 


Alongside that, another factor that contributes to having combination skin is using the wrong skin care products. But in this case, it usually just worsens an already existing problem. Which is why it is important to have the right skin care routine for your skin type. 


The goal here is to get the dry parts of your skin soft and supple while reducing shine in your oily regions and minimizing pores. 

How to properly care for combination skin

Now that you know what combination skin is and probably evaluated your skin based on that, let’s get into the good stuff. There are certain skincare steps and products that are necessary for combination skin. We are going to go through them all and also products to stay away from.


Gentle cleanse

You need to cleanse your skin daily, nothing more than twice a day. Typically when you wake up in the morning, before you head out the door, and at night, before bedtime, after a long day. It is advised to use a gentle cleanser for combination skin. 


This helps you clean your skin and keep your pores clear to avoid dirt build up. This will also wash off all the oils on your t-zone without drying out the dry parts of your face. Keep it light, keep it gentle. Cream or gel cleansers can be used. 


After wearing makeup, you need to go in with makeup remover wipes or cleansing water, because this will help remove all the makeup in your pores before you cleanse your skin. Clean pores will make them shrink with time and tighter pores, means less oil secretion. 

benefits of using a face scrub


You need to exfoliate at least once a week. You can exfoliate up to three times a week, but I always recommend twice a week. Exfoliation helps in removing the topmost dead layer of the skin, revealing a more beautiful and radiant new skin. It improves your skin texture, making it smooth, and enhances your skin complexion. 


You can use chemical exfoliant or physical exfoliant, it is all up to you. They both get the job done. You can even create your own DIY face scrubs at home, find recipes here. Just keep in mind when going in with exfoliating products, you do not need to scrub your face vigorously. Just lightly in circular motion for a few minutes before rinsing out. 


Face mask

It is recommended to use face masks at least once to two times a week. Face masks are usually good in controlling oil and removing dirt build up from your pores. They usually tighten your pores and if used regularly, makes your skin look supple and radiant. You can create your own DIY face masks at home with ingredients found in the kitchen, or you can just purchase one from the store. I personally like to mix it up. I use store bought once a week and DIY once a week. Organic products just hit different. 

Toners for combination skin

This step right here is your holy grail as someone with combination skin. Typically a toner is used to balance out the skin and keep it hydrated through the day. You apply this right after cleansing twice a day. And on the days you exfoliate or use a face mask, you apply it, after rinsing off the products. Just keep in mind, this is the step before your serum application. 


A good toner helps in reducing oil, by keeping the skin hydrated. This is good for both the oily part of your face and the dry parts of your face. If you stick to using a toner regularly, it will help in balancing out your skin. The oily parts will be less oily and hydrated, while the dry parts will be less flaky and hydrated. 


As someone with combination skin, find a toner with antioxidants and replenishing ingredients and stay away from alcoholic toners. Alcoholic toners are extremely drying and it will just make your skin worse.


You can of course make your own toner at home, just go through thess DIY toners for glowing skin and pick a recipe that has antioxidants. 

best serum for combination skin


Using a serum is very important for all skin types. For combination skin particularly, it is advised to stick to a retinol serum because it plays well with both oily and dry skin. 

A retinol serum is always recommended regardless of skin type. Retinol is a vitamin A compound that helps in regenerating skin cells. This makes the skin look radiant and whatever skin condition you may have will be alleviated rapidly. 

When using a retinol serum, it is imperative to follow it up with some SPF. 


You need to moisturize daily, both morning and night time. When picking a moisturizer always opt for a lightweight moisturizer. This keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized without making the oily part of your face feeling too greasy. Oil production on the face goes on overdrive when it feels dehydrated, so you need that moisturizer to keep oil secretion minimal. While also keeping the dry parts of your face moist. To keep it simple and play it safe, I would recommend using an oil free moisturizer. Keeps your skin hydrated without all the greasiness. 


Sunscreen is pretty much a recommendation for all skin types. You need it to keep your skin radiant and protect your skin from further damage from the sun. You do not want to be running your progress with your skin. Please use sunscreen daily and top off when needed through the day. 

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