The truth about refrigerating beauty products

Right now, there is all the rage about refrigerating skincare products. And I'm sure you’re here to find out if there are any benefits to it. Some believe refrigerating skincare products can increase its effectiveness and help the skin absorb the products more. While some believe leaving it in room temperature is the best thing to do in order to get the most out of your products. 


If you stay in warmer regions, your skincare products get really warm at room temperature. This may be the reason for you to want to keep your products refrigerated. 


Lets see, if the mini fridge obsession is actually worth it.  Well according to dermatologists; keeping skincare products in the fridge is not entirely necessary, unless recommended by your doctor. 

There are certain skincare products that work best when refrigerated, and some just don’t make a difference. Both  room temperature skincare products and refrigerated skincare products should work on your skin just the same. So, for the products that don’t necessarily have to be refrigerated, the judgement will come down to how you want to feel the product against your skin when applied. It is true that chilled products can calm the skin and over firing nerves.

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It is important to point out the skincare items that really make a difference when refrigerated. Products like eye creams, can help depuff the eyes quicker. Skin products that are aloe vera based also really work well refrigerated, because it works so well when applied to sunburns or just itchy skin. Let's get into the products that really work well when refrigerated. 

is keepings skincare products in the fridge good or bad?

7 skincare products you should be keeping in the fridge

Face mist/ toners 

Face mists and toners last longer when refrigerated. They work really well on the skin when applied chilled. Cold face mists and toners calm the skin, depuffs, and reduces redness.  Here are 10 amazing DIY face toners you can make at home.


Sheet masks

Your sheet masks will absolutely feel amazing when it is just out of the fridge. Especially during summer, after a long hot day. It gives that soothing sensation. Sheet masks don’t last longer in the fridge, the only advantage to refrigerating it is the cooling effect, but I will tell you, it is worth it.


Vitamin c

Any vitamin c product, particularly serums will highly benefit from being kept in a fridge. It will increase its shelf life and allow it to work well on the skin. Your skin will look more radiant, it will help in depuffing the skin, especially in the morning after waking up. It also helps in making the skin firmer. Read the benefits of Vitamin C serums and find out if you need one.

Natural/organic products

Organic products are fresh without preservative chemicals added to them. Since they have no preservatives in them,  this can cause the products to decompose quicker, making it a breeding ground for bacterials. The best way to keep organic/natural products fresh is by popping it in the fridge. Doing so, also automatically increases its shelf life. 


Brands will usually state this on their packages if that is the case. For the products you make yourself, definitely keep it in the fridge  for longer shelf life. You can find 10 awesome DIY face scrub for glowy skin here.

should face roller be in the fridge

Facial roller

Storing your facial roller in the fridge will help boost lymphatic drainage when used. Especially in the morning, it will help your skin look firmer and tighter. Who doesn't want a sculpted face? My facial roller is always in the fridge. You can also just pop it in 30 minutes before use. Gives you the same effect. 



Refrigerated serum helps in soothing the skin and makes it more effective in tightening pores. The chill of the serum will give you a soothing sensation like that of the spa. It awakens the senses and boosts circulation. 


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Eye cream

Keeping your eye cream in the fridge will deliver a cooling effect that will help constrict blood vessels. It also reduces inflammation and the appearance of pores. In addition to your eye cream doing it;s thing, the cooling does wonders too.


Products to keep out of the fridge

While some skincare products can benefit being stored in the fridge, others don't. Products containing oils should be kept out of the fridge. Alongside, solid balm products. These products can easily solidify in the refrigerator making them difficult to use. Or it will separate and render the product inactive. 


Products that have jam, jelly or whipped cream consistency will also be affected by the cold temperature. Some products are just meant to be at room temperature. If you are just trying to get into skincare and don't know where to start from, then this free skincare guide is for you. Donload here.

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What Happens if Your Skincare Products Get Hot?

A lot of people swear by refrigerating skincare products, especially during the summer. And, I get it, it's so hot, and your products are constantly warm. You may think being in a warm environment will make it go bad. But the truth is that, most skincare products when produced go through a process called ‘the oven test’. This is when a product is put in an oven of 115 degrees Fahrenheit with 70 percent relative humidity. 

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The aim of this is to test out if the product can withstand heat, and also give a simulation of the product being kept for 2 years+ to see if it will change its consistency. Products can always end up in warmer conditions, delivery trucks, warehouses or even just really hot summers. Companies need to be able to test out that their products can withstand a good amount of heat. 


Here are some weird beauty hacks you didn't know you needed. You're welcome 🙂


Let’s keep in mind that not all products are made the same. While a lot, go through all the tests and processes, some don’t. If a product needs to be specifically stored in the fridge, it will be specified on the pack. There are products that cannot withstand heat, you just need to read the pack. 

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