Everyone loves a good turban. It is stylish and cute, and even if you are not wering it for religious reasons, it makes as a great protective style. Here are some ways you can tie your scarf that will make you look cute in them.

This is more of a thorough talk through step by step video of 4 different turban styles. Easy to follow turban tutorial for you. Adviced for beginners, with zero experience in styling their scarves out. You dont want to end up with your scarf falling off, because you didn’t tuck it in well, or stuck the ends in the wrong place.

A good talk through, helps you ensure that your turban is intact and you did the right thing.

Let me know which style was your favorite?

Here are some of my quick, super easy and quick head wrap styles, with no pins needed. Stylish and trendy, also doubles as protective style. It’s a win win for us with natural hair.

Let me know which style was your favorite?



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