As someone who has lived in north Cyprus for a long time, believe me when I say ‘these are apps that will help you get through life’. Especially if you are visiting, or coming here for school/work. The point is, North Cyprus is a turkish country and anything that will help break that language barrier is always welcomed. 


Here are applications I believe one should have in North Cyprus


yemeksepeti north cyprus


Of Course i would start with the food app. Yemeksepeti is an application where you can order food from. It virtually has pretty much all the restaurants on it. When you download the app from the app store, you are required to create an account. It is necessary because when creating an account you have to put in details like your address which the app needs in order to suggest restaurants that are within your city. You also add in your contact information, any restaurant you place an order from can contact you to confirm your location or your order.


I absolutely love the new review and commenting feature added. It keeps restaurants accountable and you get to read reviews on if the food tastes good or not from other people, before you actually place your own order. There are very few that are not on the app, but they probably have their websites where you can place your order from. These restaurants are Dominos lefkosa, Dominos Famagusta and, You can click on them to get directed straight to the website. is only available in Girne, while dominos is only available in lefkosa and famagusta. 



kibapp trnc

Kib App North Cyprus

Kib App North Cyprus is an essential app for people who are new to north cyprus. It literally has anything you could think of. From the history of North Cyprus itself to the restaurant suggestions, and their locations. It has a car hire feature, suggests places for you to visit as a tourist, and it even recommends events/activities that are happening around, you could attend. It definitely should be the first app to download, right after landing on the island.

101evler for rental in north cyprus

101 evler

This is an app where you can find houses on. 101 evler has a website of its own and an application which you can easily download from the app store. 

Download 101 evler from google play

Download 101 evler from app store 


The property on the website ranges from luxury to affordable, it gives you the option of selection location of the property. It offers buildings for rent and or purchase. As you scroll through buildings, the detail of each building is there alongside pictures. Contact information for each building agent or company is there as well. It is just and easy, fun way to find houses without physically going from one agent office to the other. 


As someone visiting, you can even contact the owners of the property for the option of airbnb. There are lots of apartments that are rented out by day, all of which you will find out on the app. 



iscep for turkiye bankasi



This is a banking app. It is pretty much like any other banking app you may have in your country. This is the bank I personally use, therefore I felt the need to include it. For those who have a bank account at the isbank, you can easily download this app from the app store.

Download from apple store

Download from google play

It allows you to make bank transactions right from your house, you can send and receive money, and check your account balance. You can even use it as an atm card, in any case you forget your atm card at home. It comes in handy a lot. 


You can download the app at home, but it can only be configured at the bank, where you will be asked to put in your password for accessing the app. Not even your bank should know your password. 



digital operator for turkcell

Digital operator

This is an application for a service provider in North Cyprus. The service provider is turkcell, so yes you can only use this if you are making use of the turkcell provider. With the app downloaded you can easily pay for mobile top up, for making calls or for mobile data. It also allows you access to make phone purchases online and other appliances. The app itself suggests other applications that you may need on the island. You can go through their app suggestions to find other applications you feel may come in handy.

Download from apple store

Download from google play


google translate turkishGoogle translate

Google translate is kind of given when going to a country that has an actual language other than english. It comes in handy, learning a few words to communicate with the turkish/cypriot citizens. 

Download from apple store

Download from google play

google map or waze

Google maps or waze

You may think you only need this if you are renting a car  and driving. But no, you need it even as a pedestrian. You don't want to go out on a stroll and forget your way back with no one to ask because everyone speaks turkish. Okay, to be fair, a lot of people speak moderate to fluent english, but I'm just saying there is a possibility. 


It also just makes you feel secure and safe, knowing exactly where you are headed and knowing you can get back home. You can also use it when you are in a cab, just to be sure you are headed the right direction. We usually don’t have any funny business with the taxis here, but again it’s just for you to feel safe and in charge.  

Download Google maps

Download waze


uber for north cyprus


Uber: I literally added this in just to point out that there is no uber. It is one of the most requested services, because pretty much every country uses uber. Here however, you can easily get a taxi outside or call them up on your phone. You can accumulate up to 10 taxi numbers within the same day you arrive, because pretty much everyone has at least 3 taxi numbers. Not to mention, they leave their cards and stickers almost everywhere. It is very easy to get a hold of a taxi. 


You can watch the video here, as I talk further on these apps and I go through each one on my phone. 












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