What is facial sauna?
Is facial sauna good for the skin?
What are the benefits of facial sauna?
How to use facial sauna?
When to use facial sauna?
Who should not use facial sauna?


Facial saunas have gained its fair share of popularity for a reason. It is actually a skincare step done at spas, if you go for facials, then you are familiar with this. If you have no idea what facial sauna is, I got you. This is what I’m here for, putting you on to good things that will make your life better and easier. 

what is facial sauna

What is facial sauna?

Facial sauna in simplest terms is the steaming of one’s face with heat steam of roughly 110 fahrenheit. The vast benefits of it is the reason for the hype. Best believe any celebrity who appears on tv that gets filmed with 4K high definition does this on a regular. This is why a little machine has been devised for this specific routine. And unlike so many other types of skincare machines, this one doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It is relatively affordable and easy to move with. 


Whenever you hear the term facial sauna, people are most likely referring to this machine used for the sauna. As mentioned earlier, steaming up your face has many benefits, from helping you keep clean pores to rejuvenating a more youthful looking skin. 


Is facial sauna good for the skin?

A lot of people still tend to ask; is facial sauna good for the skin? 

In the simplest ways, I will answer that with a yes. It has tremendous benefits, and it’s very easy to get into. It really doesn’t take much. 

is facial sauna good for the skin?

What are the benefits of facial sauna?

Now let’s get into these benefits I keep talking about.


It cleans out your pores 

You may or may have not heard about how steaming your face opens up your pores. Well, it does not exactly open up your pores, but what it does is, it cleans it. Think of the dirt build up that goes into your skin as butter. Once it is in your pores, it is difficult to get everything cleaned out topically by applying a cleanser. 

What the steam does is, it heats up the dirt, melting it and forcing everything to come out of your pores. Leaving you with clean pores. We all know having clean pores is always a goal for keeping up perfect skin or achieving it.  

It makes your skincare products more effective

As explained in the previous point, the steam cleans out your pores, allowing room for your skincare products to easily penetrate. This will let you get the maximum benefits of your skincare products. 

It increases blood flow

When steaming your face, it increases blood circulation to your face. This rush of blood will feed the skin cells in the face and allow them to rejuvenate at a rapid rate. When blood flow is increased it also forces oxygen to the skin, which makes the skin glow.

It makes the skin supple and hydrated

When you steam your face, it cleans out your pores allowing steam to be infused to the skin. Now beware, this hydration in the skin stays when you lock it up by moisturizing. You should moisturize immediately after steaming. You have a maximum of 60 minutes before the moisture escapes your skin again, and you don’t want that. This can easily result in excessive drying if you do not moisturize, because now your pores are opened and exposed. 


Facial saunas are relaxing

Amongst all the other medical benefits, it truly is just relaxing. If you want to have a pamper day, selfcare day, you want to add this into your routine. 


How to use facial sauna?

First things first, you are to use a facial sauna for a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes. 

  • Fill up the water chamber till it gets to the fill line with clean distilled water.
  • You can add in herbs or essential oils for aroma therapeutic therapy. 
  • Close it up and plug it to power. 
  • When the water is heated up, place your face over the cone
  • Start with a distance of 3 to 4 inches away from the cone. Keep inching forward as you test your comfort. Do not let your face touch the cone.
  • Turn the knob setting to hot and enjoy the steam for a few minutes.
  • Then follow with cool steam, by turning your knob to cool.
  • After a few more minutes, you can step away and pat your face dry.
  • Then continue on with the rest of your skincare routine.


How to use facial sauna

When to use facial sauna?

You should use a facial sauna after cleansing your face. The steps should be;

  • Cleanse
  • Steam / facial sauna
  • Serum 
  • Moisturizer
  • SPF


In terms of frequency, there’s nothing rigid, but you can use it once a week. You can use it in the morning or evening, it doesn’t really matter. The time does not affect how effective it would be. 


Who should not use facial sauna?

It’s not that you cannot use it completely, but if you have asthma or any other breathing difficulties, it is advised you verify with your doctor before indulging in this. If you have sensitive or irritated skin, don’t steam for too long. 


Other than that, facial saunas are completely safe. 

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