Eid ul fitr 2021 will be on the 13th of may 2021 inshallah. May we get to experience it in the best of health. You can give Eid gifts to your muslim friends even if you are not muslim, it will definitely be appreciated. Just needed to point that out, because oddly enough, this is a question that get asked often.


I cannot even believe that Ramadan has come and zoomed by so quickly. Subhanallah it feels like we started fasting just yesterday. I know a lot of people always say that, but it really does feel that way 😭😭😭


As we are making plans for eid celebrations we also want to get some eid gifts for the family and friends. You are probably asking yourself right about now. what is an appropriate eid gift?


And listen, I got you!


Here are some amazing gifts you can get for your friends, family or coworkers.

Eid gift ideas

These women's Reebok slip-on shoes will be such a thoughtful and useful gift to give to a friend or family member. I always love it when gifts are practical and items I can actually utilize. The best part about this is I have a discount code for you and you can get this for $14.99 using the code KATURA14. This is a steel price okay. Click the Shop now button, it takes you to a page where you can choose from a variety of slip-ons. Comes in 8 different colors.

Okay hear me out. I know these are eid packages, but like I said, everyone loves a practical gift they will be able to use. Imagine recieving these as eid gift a day before eid, or even on the day. The eid box package can be used on the day with guests, and kids that come over for eid. The eid packages can be used to send out eid gifts, even you would appreciate this for eid, for your eid packages.


I always say, the best way to find the most thoughtful gifts is to think about if you would need it. But also context matters, does this person host eid parties? Do they have people around them? Do they send out eid packages? I want to go on a limb and say everyone sends out eid packages. If they don't, well this sure will inspire that. You are doing everyone a great service.

Given the pandemic, a face mask will always be a great idea as a gift. It is practical, useful, and for those doing Eid ul fitr get togethers, well, they have a nice silk/satin facemask now to go with their outfits. Not to mention, silk/satin face masks are highly recomended in order not to irritate the skin. Both face masks comes in various colors.

Everyone loves a good piece of jewelry.

This tracking chip is probably one of  the best random items out there. One of those things where you don't think of buying, but when you do receive it as a gift, you are like 'where have you been all my life?'


It is basically a tracker and it does exactly what its supposed to do, it tracks. You connect it to your phone and at any point, you can use your phone to find it's exact location. It also makes a sound to help you find it, and this particular one is waterproof. Just in case you lose your key in the pool. You can attach it to anything; your phone, your keys, your pets, your purse, your bag, just anything you could possibly lose. It comes in various colors and it is a very portable size, just a chip. You can also use it to find your phone.


I need one of these for my glasses.

Get the reebok graphic tee for $9.99 using the discount code GRAPHIC. It is soft and comfortable and comes  in various colors too.

Any of these gorgeous bags will make a great eid gift for friends, or family. This is a gift you would be happy to recieve. They come in various colors too.

These women's Reebok training shoes will go a long way as an Eid gift. The textile upper provides a lightweight feel, and soft cushioning offers step-in comfort that lasts all day. Practical and useful, everything you want a gift to be.


You can get these shoes for  $17.99 with the discount code BRA17. They come in different styles and colors.

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