Get your pre cropped digital stickers for free. Everyone loves a good freebie right.


With obsessions of digital planners comes obsessions of their stickers. I love a good pre crop sticker, it saves a lot of time. Incase you don't know the difference between pre crop and un crop stickers, I got you. Let me give you the run down.



Pre crop digital sticker vs un crop digital sticker

A lot of times when designers draw and create stickers, they usually do so on a large drawing space. Think of it like a piece of paper where you have to draw one tiny sticker design, surely you are going to have so much empty space.


That empty space is what gets cropped, so that when you import it to goodnotes, it's not a large empty space you need to crop out yourself. And of course the stickers are usually exported as PNG. Which means you cannot see the white paper background. However, when you import them to goodnotes, you notice that the corners of the sticker are much bigger than the size of the sticker itself. That is because you just imported a full page of transparent paper, with a tiny sticker drawn on it.

digital sticker png
Free digital stickers goodnotes

Sometimes designers draw lots of stickers on one page and then later have to crop each of the designs individually from the page and arrange them nicely for you on a new page on goodnotes. That way you select just one sticker every time you click on a particular sticker.

star sign free digital sticker

If a designer has a lot of sticker designs on one page and doesn't crop it, every time you select a sticker, it will select the entire page. And you just have to copy the whole page and paste it where you need it. Then cut out the other designs leaving just the one sticker you need.


The process of cropping individual stickers is very tedious and I wouldn't blame anyone who decides to leave that chore to the users. Every one person cropping a sticker is always a lot easier than one person cropping more than 5,ooo stickers. That can honestly take hours to get done.

This starsign sticker is pre-crop and available for you to download. Yes, it took a whole day of me settling down and having to crop each and everyone after design, but I am very happy to.


User experience means everything to me. I love it when people use my products and they have the most user friendly experience. It even means a lot more when people truly understand the kind of work that goes into it, because it makes them appreciate the end product a lot more.


I have lots of other freebies in our facebook group @mood planner community. Freebies such as a whole 2022 digital planner. You definitely don't want to miss out. Make sure you follow the facebook page too while you're at it, will always appreciate the support.


Download your free digital goodnote stickers here!


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