Is paper planning making things too complicated?

If so you are not alone. Digital planning has become a buzz over the past few years.

Life is fun and easy when you use a portable device, digital pencil, and cool stickers to manage everyday tasks, schedules, meetings, and other chores.

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If you are still using the traditional paper planners, it’s time to consider switching the paperless mode. When I did it a few months back, there were several speculations in my mind. Today I am happy I did.


People think it’s tough to use a digital planner. Novice users hardly take a couple of days to get used to it.


In this post, I have shared a concise stepwise guide on how to start digital strategy planning.


Let’s dive in to check it out!

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Digital Planning- What it means

The concept of digital planning is simple. You can do all of it on a digital device. So all your strategic planning will go paperless. Write down everything (take notes, write down events, etc.) on a tablet or iPad and carry your planner anywhere anytime.


I am ok with the paper planner. Why do I use a digital planner?

Because it gives you a lot more than the clunky planner pages in the diary.


No matter the platform you use- task management apps, PowerPoint planners, PDFs, or anything else, a series of exciting digital planning features make it a worthy consideration for regular use. Click here to get your full focus undated digital planner.

PDF planners
You can get this undated digital planner here. Click image.


Adding long subheads in a paper planner is problematic. Searching through multiple pages every time is frustrating and a waste of time. Note-taking on a standard platform is a savior. Just click the hyperlink to find all the information you have saved in the planner.



Errors are part of life. A strike-through on the paper planner only means you have even less space for writing your plans. Omit mistakes on a digital planner with the ‘Undo’ feature. Everything looks clutter-free and organized once you are done with the writing part.



Buying a diary every year to create new plans can be expensive. But why spend extra money when you can use the previous year’s planner over and again. Just create a copy of the existing undated planner to create a fresh one every year. Get your 2023 ultimate planner

digital stickers
This is a page from the 1,000+ Full digital pre cropped sticker pack. You can get yours by clicking the image.

Insert Graphics

You can add images to the texts to make your planner look awesome on a digital device, just like in the image below. This is also part of the work so you can just import them to work as and when required. Transferring graphics stuff from paper to computer projects is a strenuous process.


Digital Stickers

Want to spice up your plan on the tablet? Add some funky stickers to get an enticing look. Stickers add to quick visibility when you want to find something. Digital stickers are small PNG image files that are easy to incorporate into a planner. We have amazing digital stickers over here at mood. You can check out our full sticker pack.


Backup Planner Files

With top-notch cloud storage services, you can create a backup file of your plan. In case you lose the original file, the backup file gives you all of it.

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Things You Need for Digital Planning

You can start a digital strategy with a few essential things:

  • iPad/tablet
  • Digital pen (Apple pencil recommended for iPad users)
  • PDF planner/ Digital note-taking app
  • Digital planner



How to Start Digital Planning (Stepwise Guide)

hyperlinked digital planner
You can download this hyperlinked undated digital planner here.

Step 1- Download Digital Note-taking App

There are countless options when you search for digital planner apps. Not all of them are good. I prefer to work on a planner with a clean and simple interface.

My friend recommended GoodNotes 5 (only available for Apple users). After downloading it for my iPad, I realized the reason. I got this for $7.99. To date, it offers the best value for money.


Want more options for iOS? Here you go!

  • Noteshelf
  • Zoom Notes
  • Microsoft Outlook (for official purposes)
  • Notability


In case you are using an Android tablet, the following are some suitable alternatives:

  • NoteShelf
  • ZenDay
  • Notion
  • Xodo

For more app options and in-depth tutorials on how to use any of the apps, click here.


Step 2- Select a Digital Planner

This can be tricky. It can be troublesome to start with a planner and then look for other options. Such instances are likely if you do everything in a hurry.

Try to keep everything on a single planner so that you don’t have to open too many apps to view everything. There are different types of digital planners:

full focus digital planner
you can click to get this full focus digital planner here.

If you want to use a new digital planner every year, go for a dated planner. These planners have custom-printed dates so you can just go to a specific date and start planning schedules.


I recommend using an undated planner to get the best value for money year after year. You can create as many copies of the original document and modify it for the next without choosing a new planner. You can check out our 2023 ultimate planner here.

digital planning on ipad

Step 3- Choose Digital Planner Accessories

Now, this is optional but if you want to enhance the look and feel of the planner page, choose some digital sticky notes, stickers, or washi tapes.

You can use plenty of them wherever required. A single sticker is sufficient for use in various places.


Step 4- Start Note-Taking on Your Planner

Assuming that you have done everything (as mentioned above), I have provided a short tutorial below. It will help you use the digital planner effortlessly.

  • Download note-taking application on your device
  • Import files on the note-taking app (such as Goodnotes 5)
  • Use your digital pen to start writing the plans on the planner
  • Create hyperlinks wherever required

Insert appropriate stickers as a mark of identification

ipad planners

Wrapping Up,

Using a paper planner in 2021 can be irksome. If you lose a paper, things can get rather complicated. Digital note-taking can save your time and effort. Whether you want to create a digital strategy for your business or set goals in your personal life, a planner can make all the difference.


I hope the above guide will help you to start using a digital planner for all your needs.


So wait no more. Switch to digital planning and start taking notes on your iPad/tablet from today.

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