How to make passive income.

Well, How can you actually make passive income. There are many ways you can make passive income. Having different sources of passive income can  make our lives more comfortable. You know how you go to work and you get paid for the exact hours you’ve worked for?

Well imagine you put in the same hours of work on a project, and you get paid for that work continuously. Even after you stop doing the work. This means you could make money in your sleep once you’ve set up your passive income system. Imagine making money while you sleep.


What is Passive Income?

Passive income is an income system where you don’t have to be working constantly to earn money. It’s a money making system where you do the work and earn after.


Traditional jobs usually require you to work continuously for your money. You get paid per hour. But with passive income you get paid for your work done, even if that work done is a one time project, as long as it still serves someone, you can still make money from it ten years later. Which is typically the goal for people who want to attain financial freedom. You cannot be tied to per hour payment if you want to have financial freedom.


For example: Let’s assume you are a graphic designer. You could get a job where you need to show up, do some designs and get paid for the deigns. This job can be a regular 9-5 or a more flexible contractual working plan. The point is you get paid for your services. In that moment, you are trading service/time for a paycheck. This is essentially the traditional way of making money.


It also means that whenever you don’t show up for the job, you will not be making any money.


However, passive income is when you are able to make money even without showing up.

You are a graphic designer. You design a bunch of graphics and put them online to sell. You do the work once, which is actually doing the design. As long as you have your designs up for sale, people will buy your graphics, and this can go on for years.


Another way a graphic designer can make passive income is designing a course online to teach other aspiring graphic designers how to become designers themselves. The work will be done once, which is recording the course and putting it up. Once the course is up and available for purchase, people will pay to learn how to do design themselves.


And this is how you make money in your sleep. You get the non stop benefit of a project you did once. There are so many ways a graphic designer could make passive income, but we will stick to these 2 examples for now.


Why Need Passive Income?

passive income

There are endless benefits to setting up a passive income source for yourself. One I have been repeating is being able to make money while you sleep. We often joke about jobs that would pay us to sleep or do absolutely nothing. While that may not be exactly attainable, having a passive income stream is very close to that. Essentially, no one is going to pay you for anything. But what if you can do the work once a year and get paid for it throughout the year? Doesn’t that just sound like a sweet deal?


Time flexibility:

The rest of your downtime can be used exploring hobbies, reading, traveling, spending time with friends and family, actually experiencing life, and not just working through life. You could also just sleep lol. The point is you get to do whatever.


Having a passive income set up for you allows flexibility. You can set up several streams of passive income, nurture them, and grow them to a point you don’t even need to trade in your time for money anymore. Here are proven tips to becoming a successful business owner.


Everyone needs money whether it is active or passive. Work on an option that lets you live your life while making money.


Emergency Fund:

Passive income helps you in terms of having an emergency fund. Life throws curve balls at us. You can never be fully prepared for emergencies, but if by any chance you find yourself in a situation where you can not show up to work, your passive income will literally be your lifesaver in those situations. Of course in general it is advised to have your emergency fund saved up. But having extra income wouldn’t hurt. Just that security of knowing the money will always flow into your account.


Financial security:

This brings me to my next point, having financial security. Imagine if you had a fund somewhere that always deposited money into your account without you having to do anything to get it. Wouldn’t that give you a sense of security? Knowing that at least money will not be something you lack. That’s technically the goal with passive income. You do the work, set up the system, and let it keep paying you.


Financial Freedom:

If done well, you can actually result to financial freedom. You know you have attained a level of financial freedom when you can use your time for whatever you enjoy and not worry about money. Financial freedom is impossible to attain with active income. Leanr how you can maximize your savings by budgeting the right way. 


Passive Income Ideas to make you some money online

ideas for passive income

Passive income is earning money in exchange for services. Suppose you are a writer and you have to work hard to write that book. You know how many hours, how many days it took to write this book. No one will pay for this book until it is published. Once the book is completed by the publishers, you will be able to make a passive income at home. Then you will get a fair price for your hard work.

In fact, passive income is a complex matter. It takes a long time to make a product with time. However, passive income can be earned with less effort than active income. Passive income can be started both online and offline. Today we will discuss how to start passive income online.


1.Passive income by blogging

blogging for passive income

The most popular and can be earned by blogging in less time. You can start blogging by working 3-4 hours every day. To start blogging you can start writing on the topic of your choice. It can be food recipes, career guides, travel, restaurant reviews and many more.

The most popular means of passive and online income is that  blogging can be started in both Bengali and English. Blogging can be started through a website with a small investment. If you have no idea about blogging, start writing at and write about your niche or content. You will find many ideas on your content. Get started blogging The demand for blogging is growing day by day. If you have any questions about blogging, please let us know in the comments.


2.   Passive income by making YouTube video


After blogging, it can be said that youtube is very popular, the income of a good youtuber is many times more than that of a blogger.

The number is increasing day by day on YouTube, after Google, more people are searching on YouTube, YouTube is a part of Google. YouTube can be chosen as a passive income. On YouTube you can create content both without showing your appearance and appearance. You can start working on YouTube by selecting your content. The most popular categories on YouTube are: Technology, review, motivation, movie review, influence guide, love advice. Make Money Online etc.


3.   Passive income by designing graphics

Graphics for passive income

You can earn passive by designing graphics. Graphics design is a matter of time. You can learn graphic design along with your job. Get started with graphic design by learning only Adobe Illustrator tools with 2-4 hours daily.

Practice design every day by selecting a category may be Flyer Design, Business Card Design, Birthday Card Design, start with these in new condition then start working on stock site if the design quality is good. Remember that once you create a design, it will be on the stock site for life, you will get a commission from the stock site every time you sell. It is possible to earn one passive income by practicing for 6 months with 2-4 hours daily. All you need is a computer and internet connection and patience. Then it will be possible to make a good income.


2.   Passive income through Instagram

passive income online

Another fun and most uncommon passive source of income is Instagram. On the one hand, it has been used on social media, on the other hand, it will be a source of income, you can earn many kinds of income through Instagram. Good clients can be found on Instagram. Not only graphic

designers have this opportunity but also income opportunities in different sectors. Social influencers have a big role to play on Instagram.

Instagram has a big role to play for e-commerce organizations or for affiliate marketing. Instagram contributes a lot to selling products to any organization.

Instagram may be one of the best sources of passive income. In just 2-4 hours, a source of income like this will come out for life. You can build your career as an Instagram influencer.

There is a good demand in the future.


2.   Passive income through Seo


Search engine optimization or SEO.   

Search: Search means to find something with Google search. Suppose you searched for passive income 2021 in Google search bar. This post came in front of you. This is the result of a search.

Engine: The engine is the main part of a car that can hold the car does not run without the engine. Searching for something online requires a means called search engine. Simply put, the medium I use to search for something is called a search engine. There are many types of search engines, the most popular being Google Mama.

Optimization: Optimization is the observance of Google’s rules and regulations. Suppose you do some Chang related searches in Google. Money change, or computer found change or, human mode change is actually three meanings with the word change Google based on the answer to your question will bring you the correct word of change through optimization.

SEO is needed everywhere If you start blogging then the role of SEO is immense. Google will bring your website to the top through SEO. Your website will get organic traffic and your passive income will increase many times. Learning blogging and SEO work in 2-4 hours will be a good quality long time passive source of income.

How to Make Passive Income

Go to work with 6 months in hand, one day you will be successful, go to work, this passive income will be many times more than your active income one day. If you do nothing, you will not be able to earn more and gain that financial freedom.

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