Digital planning has just made planning much more easier and fun. You get to erase mistakes easily and strategize your plans at any point in time. It is good to always review your plans to make sure you are on track. You can review your larger goals quarterly, to allow you adjust accordingly. If you don't completely understand digital planning, you need to check out digital planning in-depth guide for beginners.

It is always advisable to break down your large annual goals into bite size goals. This is best done with the monthly goal spreads. Then you get to break them down even more using the weekly goal spread. These goals then get broken down into daily tasks. Learn the 7 steps of achieving your goals in 2022. 

Doing this assures you hit your goals.

It's hightime you sit up and start doing whatever you need to make your dreams become a reality.

2022 digital planner

About the best 2022 digital planner

This 2022 digital planner has clickable hyperlinked tabs and buttons for easy navigation. It is a full focus planner which you can use academically. The planner provides you with pages of setting yearly intentions, you answer questions to help you focus on your goals. You write on the digital notebook with a stylus pen and it can be decorated with lots of stickers and images. Stickers are provided in the bundle.


Super fun to use and perfect for getting organized!
I recommend digital planning on a tablet with a stylus.

2022 digital planner

Get yourself a full focus planner like this and sit back and watch yourself hit milestone after milestone. Writing down specific goals to achieve within a day pushes you to get to those set goals by the end of the day. This planner allows you to track daily, monthly streaks. Talk about accountability, you can’t slip up. And the best part is, it is never too late to take charge of your life and set an end of the year goal.

the best digital planner

What you get in this 2022 digital planner


⭐️ The files you get when you download the 2021 digital planner:

  1. Yearly full focus digital planner
  2. Digital planner cover to choose from
  3. Sticker book for your planner
  4. Emoji Sticker book
  5. Star sign sticker book

⭐️ EASY TO USE with instruction provided in the ‘User Guide’ tab.
Which is accessible from every page.

academic planner

2022 digital Planner specifications:

⭐️Planner specifications:

  1. Intention and goal planning for the year.
  2. Daily, weekly and monthly pages
  3. Monthly review pages
  4. Each daily and weekly page hyperlinked to monthly view
  5. Functional tabs on both sides
  6. Easy navigation – home button on every page
  7. All templates are hyperlinked from the home page
  8. Extra hyperlinked pages for customizing your planner
  9. Duplicate any page as many times as you need (4 styles, can be duplicated)
  10. 12 planner dividers
  11. Daily planners has time block section
  12. Daily planners/weekly planners/monthly planners
  13. Plain, dotted, lined & grid paper included
  14. 10 cover designs
digital planner covers

Over 50 digital planner useful templates:

  1. Year overview
  2. board
  3. Year intention setting
  4. Memory Log
  5. Important dates
  6. Appointments
  7. Upcoming events
  8. Due dates tracker
  9. Weekly goal setting
  10. Weekly schedule
  11. Monthly schedule
  12. Monthly Goal setting
  13. Quarterly Goal setting
  14. To do lists
  15. Weekly checklist
  16. Checklists
  17. Bills tracker
  18. Expenses tracker
  19. Budget tracker
  20. Monthly finances tracker
  21. Yearly finances tracker
  22. Bucket list
  23. Goals
  24. Goals setting
  25. Projects tracker
teacher digital planner

Habit tracker
Meal plan
Shopping list
Diet & weight tracker
Fitness schedule
Monthly gratitude
Addresses & contacts
Lined paper
Grid paper
Dotted paper
Blank customizable boxes
Various blank tables and lists for creating your own templates


Digital stickers for 2022 planner

⭐️ BONUS stickers:

  1. Star sign stickers
  2. Emoji stickers
  3. Sticker book

Get your full focus 2022 digital planner here.

digital stickers

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