If you are looking for the best digital planning app, then you have come to the right place. I am going to take you through the best paid and free apps for digital planning. It doesn’t matter if you are using an Apple device or an android tablet, you too can digitally plan. The good thing is that the basis of digital planning is pretty much the same across all applications. There are slight variations. Depending on which app you like more, you can learn exactly how to use it here. 


Digital planning is really all the hype, and for good reasons. If you don’t get the hype, maybe it is because you don’t totally understand it. You need to check out why people are into digital planning. 


Digital planning is best done on note-taking apps. Preferably note-taking apps that have hyperlinks so that you can easily navigate from one page to the other. Oftentimes people don’t like losing the originality of certain activities, such as journaling or planning. We have always used pen and paper to write down lists, jot down points and ideas, set deadlines, or write down important dates so that we may remember. 

As we advance in various areas of our lives, so has planning and journaling. Now you can get an application that has tons of buttons and tabs for you to use, just like any other game application, or you can get a digital note-taking app and just upload your preferred digital planner, this way you can use it like a pen and paper. You can even customize it to your liking, just like you would a physical planner, add stickers, etc.


Why you should go digital with your planning 


This way you still maintain the traditional way of doing things with all the perks of going digital. Writing with a pen on your iPad/tablet may not feel 100% like an actual pen and paper, but you come pretty darn close. With a digital planner, you have the advantage of;

  1. portability, 
  2. you can erase mistakes easily without making a mess, 
  3. you can change out plans, 
  4. your planner is a lot more organized, 
  5. you are able to make changes anywhere because your planner is always on you, 
  6. it can easily be synced and accessed from your mobile phone. 
  7. With digital planning, you don’t lose it easily in a pile of books and papers
  8. You are likely to document your 5-year progress easily because your planner is just a file on your device that will not get damaged even after several years
  9. You can create backup versions of all your planners, that way if something happens to your device you never lose it. 


It is literally the best of both worlds. You can get your 2023 Ultimate Planner here.


I guess now the question becomes, ‘How can I get my very own digital planner?’ I got you. 


7 Best apps for digital planning

Now that you understand the benefit of digital planning, let’s get into the different note-taking apps you can use for digital planning and how you can use them.

1. Goodnotes. How to use goodnotes 5 for digital planning

This is one of my personal faves. It was the first application that got me into digital planning. You can download it from the app store for $7.99. This app can only be used on an IOS device. Now free for ios users. But you are only allowed to make 3 notebooks, any more than that and you require the paid version.

Only for IOS

Cost:  $7.99



How to use goodnotes 5 for digital planning 

2. Noteshelf. How to use noteshelf for digital planning

Noteshelf is another great note-taking application. It can be found both in the apple store and android play store. It costs $6.99. This is a one time purchase.

Both IOS and Android

Cost: $6.99



How to use noteshelf 2 for digital planning 

For first video, tutorial starts at 2:44

3. Xodo. How to use xodo for digital planning

Xodo probably has one of the easiest interfaces, and it is completely free too.

For both IOS and Android

Cost: free



How to use Xodo for digital planning 

4. Notability digital planning app

Notability is another awesome note-taking app available for both android and IOS. It has a one-time fee of $9.99.

For both IOS and Android

Cost: $9.99



How to use Notability for digital planning 

5. One note digital planning app

One note is a Microsoft application that can even be used on your computer. You can get it on any iPad/tablet or phone.

For both IOS and Android

Cost: free



How to use One note for digital planning 

6. Flexcil. How to use flexcil for digital planning

Flexil is available for both IOS and Android. Can be downloaded and used on any mobile device. The best part about it is it’s completely free.

For both IOS and Android

Cost: free



How to use Flexcil for digital planning 

7. CollaNote. How to use CollaNote for digital planning

I recently just learned about CollaNote myself and honestly, I’m surprised it’s even free. It is so good. Unfortunately, this app is only available in the apple store.

For IOS only

Cost: free



How to use CollaNote for digital planning 

If you don’t have a digital planner to try out with any of these digital planning apps you can get a 2023 digital planner here. 

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