Wondering, what’s remote work?

A remote job is a work opportunity that you can do from the comforts of your own place. The other popular terms used to describe this form of working are- work-from-home, online jobs, etc.

Remote work has become a buzz ever since the pandemic outbreak. The privilege of saving money and time attracts more people to these gigs.

About 32% of all employees worldwide do remote jobs. The numbers are going to rise even further by the end of 2025.

After the pandemic, many companies are leveraging efforts to recruit remote workers. This is has opened the doors for finding overseas jobs for many aspirants.

Whatever be your reason to work from home, remote jobs are available for various roles-

  • graphic and web designing
  • accounting
  • marketing
  • data entry
  • customer services
  • IT & networking

While these are only a few, there are so many others. Over 10 years of pursuing a career in freelancing, I know what it takes to bag the best work-from-home gigs. So just keep reading to find helpful tips for remote work.

tips for Remote work

Proven Strategies to Get a Remote Job 2022

Is it difficult to get a remote job in 2022?

Thankfully, it is not a tough chore to get remote work online. If you are ready, there are chances to land a project within a couple of days or sooner.

#1. Prepare for Remote Work

Working from home is a career choice but involves serious projects, as you will find at a workplace. So think about every aspect if you are ready for a remote job.

Some jobs require you to work independently. It means colleagues or team members won’t be co-working with you. However, some group projects involving a team can collaborate on Zoom to work jointly.

Some early preparations you must do before starting an online job search involves-

Get Your Equipment

Remote work is done on the internet. You need a high-performing laptop/computer, high-speed internet, etc. If you need to connect with a team on Zoom or Skype, you need headphones with a mic.

Arrange Your Place of Work

You need to focus on the work to keep things accurate. The home environs pose several distractions while working.

Find an empty space to set up your home office. Keep a laptop table, the PC system, and other equipment arranged neatly. You may be working for long hours, so do not create office space in the bedroom or living room.

Create a Resume for a remote job

Create a Resume

You may not be going to attend an on-site interview. So your CV must include out and out information to stand out in the crowd. If you want to apply for multiple designations, write a separate CV for each role. Highlight your skillsets depending on the type of job you are targeting.


Write Custom Cover Letter for Each Job Post

Even if you are applying for the same position, you must write a customized job application for the specific opening. This helps you address the points the client wants you to mention in the cover letter. Anonymously written cover letters are often rejected as they do not address the queries of the recruiter.


#2. Plan Your Work Schedule

Before you start applying for work-from-home jobs, it is crucial to determine how many hours per day/week you can dedicate to the new job. This helps you during the job search. The idea is to filter only part-time jobs if you have less time for the position.


Clients mostly ask for your availability before assigning a job. Be honest to mention the time you can allot for the given task.


Have problems with planning your work schedule?


Use a digital planner to write down your tasks, deadlines, etc. You can always edit the details as and when needed. This helps when you work on multiple projects.

tips for Remote work - digital planning

#3. Search for Work-from-Home Gigs

Once you are prepared for working from home, start searching for jobs online. The best places to find remote jobs are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Flexjobs
  • JustRemote
  • Angel List

LinkedIn is one of the best places to start networking with professionals from various industries worldwide. You may connect with people in the niche industry to find open positions. The platform also has a job board to look for remote opportunities.


Make sure you create an impressive profile with all the details on LinkedIn and Indeed. Recruiters like profiles with photos, academic information, job history, etc. Use relevant keywords in your bio to get noticed.


#4. Choosing a Project

This needs some attention. There are several types of jobs you can do from the comforts of your own place.


But can you take up any type of gig?


Think about your skills, strength, and area of expertise. Apply for a job only if you can provide value.


Excellent performance helps you receive good feedback and win the client’s trust. It opens the doors for receiving more prospects in the future. In a word, it helps to build your reputation.

what’s remote work?

#5. Beware of Online Job Scams

It is a bitter truth that you will find several fake jobs on the web. Be careful to spot and avoid applying for these gigs. Fraudsters are easy to identify. They are likely to do one or more of the following tricks-

  • Offer very high pay rates
  • Ask for confidential information
  • Charge application fee
  • No reliable company information
  • Send malicious zip file for downloading


Wrap up,

Today working from home has emerged as a fabulous idea to earn money and manage your finances in times of job crisis. For others, it offers flexible schedules and some extra hours for side hustles.

I hope these tips will help you find the best work opportunity soon. Now that you know how to get a remote job in 2022, it is time to gear up for the desirable gig.

Happy remote working…


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