Do you have dry skin?

Or just need a moisturizer that hydrates and seals in moisture?

This is for you!

Your body needs love, too. Wrap yourself in a cocoon of moisture with this vanilla & coconut body lotion, formulated with extra shea butter.

I have dry skin too and slapping on petroleum jelly doesn’t do me any good. The product just sits on my skin without truly penetrating and moisturizing my skin.

You need water to create moisture. This lotion has that. You need oils for vitamins and healing benefits. This lotion has that. You need a heavy butter or petroleum jelly to seal in all that moisture and vitamins. This lotion uses Shea butter for that, and Shea butter has tremendous benefits. From clearing stretch marks, and acne, to managing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

shea butter body lotion

This is our famous heavy-weight body lotion, perfect for someone with normal to dry skin type.


Thick and heavy body lotions can sometimes feel like a blanket on the skin, but Mood lotion is Breathable and was designed to do just the opposite.


The moisturizer has extra shea butter, which gives it that long-lasting glow. It contains vitamin E and vitamin A to hydrate skin without leaving a sticky or goopy residue behind.


It is also infused with vanilla and coconut oil which gives it that beautiful smell.

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