If you’re familiar with this personal care regime that most celebrities swear by, you’ve probably heard some of the buzz surrounding this centuries-old beauty ritual. But the popular technique is still shrouded in mystery and is surrounded by several questions like; Can dry brushing give you radiant, gorgeous skin? Can it improve your general health and not just how your skin looks from the outside? And how legitimized are all of these dry brushing benefits we often hear about?


So rather than blindly picking up the first brush we could find and scrubbing away, we’ve conducted proper research on this topic, so you don’t have to worry about the hows and whats.


What is dry brushing?

Before we move on to the dry brushing benefits, let’s first see what exactly is dry brushing and is it worth all the hype! Dry brushing is a method of applying a bristle brush to dry skin. A typical way to do it is to undress and brush over one area at a time. Experts recommend brushing upward towards the heart.

Afterwards, one can take a bath or shower to follow up their dry brushing. This is to exfoliate and massage the skin to get rid of dirt buildup. Learn more about dry brushing here and the right way to do it.


Benefits of dry brushing:

benefits of dry brushing

#1. Boosts circulation

Dry brushing can lead to redness of the skin which is not always caused by irritation in the skin. On the contrary, the redness is caused by the increased circulation in the areas where you use the dry brush.


The minor inflammation results from your body actively circulating more blood to the dry brushed regions.

What is dry brushing

#2. Aids with lymphatic drainage

In addition to leaving you with a glowing complexion, dry brushing also promotes lymphatic drainage. Dry brushing increases the rate of blood pumping and stimulates the pores, making the elimination of pathogens and toxins easier.


#3. Gentler on your skin than scrubbing in the shower

Hot water irritates and strips away the natural oils, fats, and proteins that keep your skin healthy. As a result, you may experience redness and itching. When you exfoliate and increase blood circulation on dry skin, you do not dehydrate it as much as you would after a hot shower.


#4. Removes dead skin

Dry brushing an area removes all the dead skin and dirt built up from it. The coarse bristles help in brushing away all the dull, flaky and rough skin revealing your skin’s natural radiance and making it smooth and supple.

dry brushing helps reduce cellulite

#5. Helps reduce cellulite

Cellulite affects almost all women of all shapes and sizes. Accumulation of cellulite gives a cottage cheese-like appearance to the affected area. Although there is not a fully known cause of the condition, people have claimed that dry brushing significantly reduced the appearance of the cellulite deposit on their bodies.


#6. Rejuvenates the body

Perhaps it’s the increased circulation or it’s the extra minutes spent doing something nice for yourself, but most people feel invigorated and full of energy after using a dry brush.





Steps to dry-brush your skin

step by step of dry brushing

Dry brushing does not mean grabbing just about any brush with firm bristles and starting scrubbing it randomly all over your body. There are a few proper steps to ensure its effectiveness.


  • Dry brushing is done on completely dry skin, so before starting the process, make sure that your skin is clean and thoroughly dry.


  • Start brushing around your ankle in long, circular motions and work your way up.


  • Apply a slightly firm pressure on the area for it to work properly.


  • Some experts recommend dry brushing your body just before hopping into the shower. Follow it up with a daily moisturizer to achieve a natural glow.

For a more detailed step-by-step of dry brushing, click here. 


Wrapping up:

Dry brushing is one of the best ways to exfoliate your skin and get rid of clogged pores and toxins. This ancient beauty technique helps in giving your skin a more radiant glow and improves the overall health of the skin. However, to achieve desired results, dry brushing should be done following the appropriate steps.

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