The modern-day is all about multitasking involving work-life balance, office commitments, meeting deadlines, and more. Without time management, it is impossible to attain the goals and targets in day-to-day activities.

Herein a daily planner appears center stage. It is impossible to move ahead in life without a planner in hand. You can’t think and create a robust plan. However, written outlines are efficient, help with the time management strategies, and ease everyday chores.

A digital planner or a paper planner- the choice is clear. Working with a digital planning tool is simple and convenient. No more paper wastes or messy strikethroughs.

Thinking about how to organize my life goals?

Here is a short stepwise guide to help you do it all on your tablet.


Things You Need to Get Started

  • Tablet/iPad
  • Digital Pen
digital planner

Steps to Use a Digital Planner to Organize Your Life

If you are still struggling with your diary planner, here is how to organize your life with a digital planning tool. This guide will help you get started from scratch.


#1. Get a Planning/Note-taking App

Before getting a planner, you need to install a notetaking app on your tablet. It depends on the type of device you are using- an iPad or an Android tablet.

Best digital planner apps on the Apple store:

  • Goodnotes5
  • Notability
  • Noteshelf
  • Zoom Notes

There are several other options available at the app store if you don’t like the above ones.

Best digital planning apps for Android users:

  • Metamoji
  • Goodnotes5
  • Xodo

You can find a list of digital planning apps for both apple and google play store here. A full tutorial of each app is also included, Learn about the best digital planning apps.

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#2. Find and Get a Digital Planner

After getting the note-taking app on your tablet, the rest is fun. You are all set to install a digital planner on your device. If you are a novice, choose a planner with a simple and intuitive interface.

Choosing a digital planning tool takes time. Don’t be in a rush, or you can have trouble.

Once you select the planner, it will be there with you for at least a year. Don’t use multiple planners, as it will jeopardize your daily task management.


#3. Understanding Various Types of Planners

Not all planners are made equal. The layout and structure of a digital planner depend on its use and purpose. Based on different planning needs, here are the types of planners you can find online:

  • Life/goal planner
  • Work planner
  • Personal life planner
  • Planner for students
  • Financial planners
  • Health and Fitness planner
how to stay committed to your goals

#4. Dated vs. Undated- How to Decide

Digital planners are available in dated and undated formats. You may choose any depending on specific needs.

The foremost benefit of choosing a dated planner is that you can create thousands of hyperlinks. Tap on a link to get the info whenever needed. Get your 2023 Ultimate Planner here.

Undated planners are convenient if you don’t want to do day-to-day planning. It is a breeze to add and remove pages from an undated planner. You must be comfortable with the navigation structure to find the required information. You can get your undated annual planner here.


#5. Schedule Your Time for Planning

You can create daily/ weekly/ or monthly plans. It all depends on your daily planning needs. If you have created something on paper for the coming days, you can start writing the same with the stylus pen on your notetaking device.

Set your time for planning based on your working hours and other commitments. If you are having trouble planning and sticking to it, maybe you need to try time blocking. It is one of the most effective ways of getting things done. Learn all about time blocking here.

How to Organize Your Life

#6. Create Tasks on a Digital Planner

Now you can do this comfortably with a dated planner. Here is a short example to show how it works:

Suppose you are a freelancer working on multiple projects.

You can create a list of to-do tasks with all relevant details. On the calendar page, hyperlink the dates with the deadlines for the specific task. When you click on a date titled deadline (possibly with a vibrant color), it should take you to the task page where you have written all the details.


If you are just learning about digital planners or are new to digital planning, you should definitely learn all about digital planning here.


Things to do with your digital planner:

  • Write down tasks
  • Set deadlines for each task
  • Include daily to-dos (doctor appointments, meetings, conferences, etc.)


#7. Set Time Blocks for Your Tasks

Procrastination destroys growth possibilities in professional life. Think of the Parkinson’s Law of work. A task takes as much time to complete as much time you allot for it.

A digital planner is a boon if you want to avoid unwanted delays. Set time blocks for each task on the planner page. Now you have a specific span for each piece of work.

Schedule Your Time for Planning

#8. Review Your Performance

One of the prime benefits of using a digital planner is performance tracking. You can keep an eye on the work progress every day, every week, or once a month.

This works superbly for goal-setting, official tasks, studies, etc. Learn all about the magic of planning backwards.


#9. Edit/Add Notes on Your Planner

Digital planners are editable. This ensures you can add or remove content anytime.

Don’t forget to omit the outdated data once a task is done. This ensures you see only things of importance on the planner, not unnecessary clutters.


Final Thoughts,

In the modern world, digital planners have emerged as an integral part of everyday life. From goal-setting to task scheduling, a digital planner can keep things simple and organized- everything you need to stay ahead in the competition.

Now that you have unveiled the secret about how to organize your life using a digital planning tool, it is time to go cracking.

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