Shea butter has become a common household name today as all the major beauty brands use this ingredient extensively in their products. But did you know, before its adoption by the beauty industry, shea butter was part of queen Cleopatra’s beauty regime? So much so that the queen of Egypt would take clay pots filled with this magic butter wherever she went.


This age-old ingredient comes from Africa, where people have been growing and using it for ages. Let us look at some of the reasons why beauty gurus swear by this magic nut fat.


Benefits of shea butter for the skin

shea butter moisturizes the skin

#1. It provides nourishment to the skin

The highly emollient nature of shea butter has made it a big hit in skincare products. People with dry skin especially love the after-effects of this magic butter on their skin. It acts as a hydrating agent and leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple.


#2. Works like a charm on dry skin

Winters are not very kind to our skin and make our skin look dull and flaky. Shea butter induced products help in rejuvenating tired-looking skin and cure dryness. You can get your shea butter based lotion here, perfect for those with dry skin.


#3. Shea butter Soothes skin rashes

The nourishment provided by shea butter can also cure minor skin problems such as sunburn, dry patches, abrasions and more. Some dermatologists have also claimed that shea butter has natural SPF to protect our skin from harmful sun rays.

Shea butter for acne and skin rashes

#4. Helps in combatting acne

Yes, you read that right! Apart from being an excellent hydrating agent, experts believe that shea butter can help in one’s battle with stubborn zits and acne. Let us dig a little deeper.

An overly dry and acne-prone skin begins overproducing sebum, which results in clogged pores, subsequently giving way to a nasty breakout. Shea butter keeps dryness under check and does not cause the skin to become excessively oily.


#5. Shea butter has Incredible anti-ageing properties

We all crave our skins to stay supple and youthful for as long as we can preserve them. But the harsh chemicals found in over the counter products do more harm than good.


This is where shea butter comes to our rescue. This naturally moisturizing ingredient not only hydrates and nourishes the skin but also makes it look firmer and younger.


It does so by boosting collagen production and smoothening the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Area prone to dryness, such as our under-eye area crumples up and shows fine lines pretty early. Shea butter provides them with appropriate moisture to keep those fine lines at bay.

Shea butter for scars and healing

#6. It helps heal cuts and scars

Shea butter helps in softening scar tissue, which helps in speeding up recovery. This magical butter is usually found in scar healing products because of its rich fatty acid levels. Studies have shown that Shea butter helps in preventing keloid from forming.


Anyone can be at risk of forming a keloid. It is simply a manner in which your body cuts heal. When you use products like shea butter, it is likely to prevent keloids from healing and it will help your cuts, and injuries heal even quicker.


#7. Shea butter helps with Eczema and Psoriasis

If you are someone who suffers from eczema or any form of psoriasis, you definitely need to make sure that the products you put on your skin are not making it worse. You can obviously still go to the doctors, get the medications, and all that. But what are you doing to help your skin?


Help your skin by providing it with the best possible nourishment that will keep your eczema or psoriasis at bay. Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties, this helps soothe skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. You can try any of our shea butter based body care products to help you incorporate shea butter into your daily routine easily.


With that being said, shea butter actually has a lot of benefits, not just for your skin. Read more about the goodness of shea butter here.

Shea butter for dry skin and eczema

Bottom line

Shea butter has become a popular name in the beauty industry, and rightfully so! It is a power-packed ingredient with a plethora of properties impeccable for the skin.


It has become a go-to ingredient for people with dry skin. Researchers have also found that shea tree bark is antibacterial, thus making it an all-rounder component.


They say that every recipe gets better with a little butter, this can also be applied to your skincare regime- every skincare routine gets better with shea butter!


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