Whether you are a student, a working professional, a work-from-home mom, or anyone else, everyone needs to have a time management strategy.


Life is a mess without time management. People who do not realize the eminence of time allocation for various activities are mostly


  • disorganized
  • late at work
  • struggle with deadlines
  • work relentlessly
  • always hurry to make ends meet


The worst part- most of them do not even realize that they are poor at time management.

Check out this list of indicators of poor time management.

why am i missing deadlines

1. Are You Missing Deadlines?

Failure to comply with deadlines depicts that you took more time than that was necessary to complete the task. It only shows that you need to work hard on planning and organizing things to finish the tasks within the provided time frame. You may lose clients, money, and lucrative opportunities to a close competitor.


2. You Always Reach Late

If you are the last person to reach everywhere, it is none other than poor time management. Whether at a private party or workplace, people expect that you will be late as usual. Apart from embarrassment and disgust, this can cost your professional life.


3. There is Much Work to do Despite Working Long Hours

When you are late at everything and miss deadlines, the chain of consequences impacts your health. Those who are poor at time management spend long hours doing hard work to maintain work quality. You may spend extra time on work than required to finish the task.


While your work quality may earn appreciation, the lost time could have been utilized for other matters of worth.


4. You Always Rush to Get the Things Done on Time 

This is easy to understand. You have a series of tasks at home similar to professional endeavors. Delay in the current engagement means you have less or no time for the following gig. And things continue. You are rushing to get everything done restlessly throughout the day.

why do i feel like i never have enough time

5. Feeling Overwhelmed and Disgusted

Working long hours and constantly rushing to get along results in frustration. Despite the hard work, you encounter humiliation for getting late.


6. Missing Opportunities 

The failure to meet deadlines is one of the reasons you are missing opportunities. Clients trust and appreciate professionals who do the work well and on time. If you are always late, someone else may land a contract that you aspire to achieve.


7. Not Using the Modernized Tools/Gadgets

digital planning

Time management gets easy with technology. Those who do not use a time management tool may have problems managing their tasks.


Today you are only a few clicks away from a pool of cutting-edge digital time management apps.

How do these tools help?


digital time planner is the most vital tool to manage your tasks within the specified span. A planner helps you to create a list of to-dos with details such as deadlines and notes. Once you do, the rest is a breeze. Needless to remember your daily to-dos. Your list has every to keep you alert and organized.


Today digital planners are available for iPads/ Android tablets. A feature-packed planner allows you to:


  • Create a list of tasks on a monthly calendar
  • allocate time for each project
  • set reminders for tasks
  • take down notes
  • plan and prioritize tasks


While the above are only a few things, you can customize and edit your daily to-dos as needed.


8. Diminishing Work Quality 

When you rush to meet deadlines, it is hard to dedicate the much-required time to the project. You are in a hurry, so it is challenging to focus on the details. You are distracted due to other tasks in the coming days.


The entire circle affects the quality of work in personal and professional life.


9. Distraction 

The thought of pending work causes distraction. This can be back-breaking if you are multitasking and working from home. Outdoor noises, daily home activities, and busy life pose distractions at home. Lack of peace and a jumbled-up mind causes distraction.


It is likely to overlook the details in such a scenario. When distracted at work, people spend more time on tasks or fail to deliver the desired quality.

10. Less Time for Sleep and Rest

When running short of time for everything, people tend to work long hours, compromising sleep and rest. You are tired and lethargic due to a lack of sufficient rest.


Efficiency in time management helps to finish the work on time, giving you more time for peaceful sleep.

10 Sure Signs That Show You Need Help with Time Management

What to do if you are poor at time management?

If the above sequences are part of your daily routine, it is time to take a break. Develop time management strategies to maintain a work-life balance, work efficiency, and have a desired lifestyle.


Here are some simple hacks to manage your time every day.


Avoid Overloads

One of the crucial aspects of poor time management is overextending yourself too much.


Suppose your work capacity is 35 hours per week. You already have enough projects in hand for the current week. If 2 more assignments arrive, it makes sense to schedule them for the next week.


You do not have enough time in hand. How will you meet the deadlines?


It only means you are in jeopardy of dedicating sufficient time to the task.


Create an efficient To-do List 

create an efficient todo list

Managing work and life at home is not easy. It is natural to forget things if you do not have a to-do list. Not just any to-do list, you need an efficient one. This is why in our 2023 ultimate digital planner, we designed the Eisenhower time management to-do list. It categorizes your tasks allowing you to focus on important tasks. It is especially useful for people feeling overwhelmed by tasks. As much as your brain tries to convince you, not everything is equally important.

Don’t get stressed. Use a digital planner, and if you are new to the term digital planner, you will find this helpful. It provides an in-depth guide for beginners in digital planning. While a paper planner is hard to manage these days, a digitized calendar interface on your portable device helps you get going.


Some people use 2 planners- for home and at work. It helps further to keep your tasks separate without messing up. Compare the 2 lists to plan your day/week ahead.


Prioritize Your Tasks 

You may prioritize the tasks depending on the availability of time, deadlines, and importance. With Eisenhower's method of creating a to-do list, it is very easy to determine what your priorities are, and what should take much of your time. Use a digital pen to create notes on your jobs on the planner. Mark the task priorities as urgent, important, less urgent, or anything else as per convenience. Get your 2023 ultimate planner here.


This helps to streamline tasks for the coming days and stay organized.


No More Procrastination or Time Wasters

Wasting time or procrastinating has dire consequences. You have already streamlined the projects on the planner. If you waste time on one job, it will impact the rest of the pipeline. Avoid delays and finish your assignments on time.  You can also look into time blocking to better help you with procrastination.


Wrap Up, 

It is not tough to master the art of time management. Develop a strategic outlook and use the right tools to get going with peace of mind.

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