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Hi YOU, welcome to MOOD!

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Work hard, play hard is the motto around here. As much as we enjoy a good binge-watch weekend, we also love to make sure we are achieving our goals and becoming exactly who we are meant to be. It’s no fun playing hard while everyone else around you is leveling up. And the truth is, you do need to put in the work to get to that goal. The sky is the starting point over here. Keep your head in the clouds and your legs on the ground.


In everything you need balance. We help keep you accountable in our Facebook community group. We send you weekly motivation when you sign up for our newsletter. We also send you binge-worthy movies to help your lazy weekend. You need balance in all that you do, catch a break if you have to, we’ll always be here to keep you on track. Follow our Instagram (@moodplanners) for daily motivation.

This is where you elevate your mood.

Mood is a beauty, and lifestyle brand for young women. We cover everything from fashion & beauty trends/tips/advice, to other more frivolous topics.


Mood recently launched our very own body care products. These products are all made from organic products used sourced locally from Nigeria. These products are perfect for people who have normal to dry skin. Our founder, Hauwa has extremely dry skin. She knows the struggle firsthand of finding body care products that actually moisturize and keep the skin hydrated. And that was the reason and motivation behind launching Mood body care line.

In addition to helping your skin glow and stay moisturized, we love having discussions about things that affect us in our daily lives. You can make sure to follow us on Instagram (@moodbyhauwa) for daily updates on that be part of the conversations.

You can always send us topic suggestions by leaving a comment under any of the blog posts or just sending a message here. Would absolutely love to hear from you!

hauwa sami
mood by hauwa

The Owner of Mood

My name is Hauwa Sami and i’m glad you’ve taken the time to visit my website.

I love organizing and planning everything. It is truly the best way to get by life with a busy schedule. I am also multifaceted and you can get to know me a little better if you stick around here longer. 


I created mood because I wanted a space where I can share my experiences in hopes that it helps other people. As a millenial black muslim girl, I believe i have quite a lot to share.

I share my interests and creative ventures in the lifestyle portion of this website.

You can call it an open diary of adulting and life. All trial and errors shall be documented.

A journey worth coming along on.



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